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    Anything but country and opera.
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    Bathroom Attendant/Surgeon
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    Xbox 360, PS4
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    I run an all original women's caw league called Allure Wrestling at http://www.youtube.com/user/buddhamonkey Please come by and check out it, won't you?
  1. Started seeing your stuff in that other thread and damn. I'm impressed. You do very nice work. Particularly love Ferryna Fasya and Plunder, and that snake head design on Richter is just damn awesome.
  2. Damn. Somehow I missed this thread. It's a fun idea, especially with the hole collaboration and feedback element. There's some really nice and inventive creations in here.
  3. Currently, I can put up ten, which is probably where it will stay. And here's who I currently have up. Easiest search tag is sardonicscribe Also added two new CAWs at the top: Veronica Domino and Delhia.
  4. Appreciate the new feedback all. I actually haven't posted Ana Sophia yet. There's a few things that weren't sitting quite right with me. I'll try and get her done in the next couple days. On that note, I've FINALLY finished and uploaded Devitaki for those waiting, as well as added two new characters that are also uploaded right now. I should have Silver at some point tonight so I'll be able to upload more CAWs at a time.
  5. Thanks. I very much appreciate that. Five of them are currently up. I'll probably cycle through to other ones soon, though I honestly haven't really done much the past couple weeks. Starting to pick up on things again now though. Not sure what CAWS you have up but the one I'm looking forward too when it's complete is DEVITIKI! Not sure if I misspelled it or not but If I'd did, Sorry about that. Finalizing her is very much in the near future. I've taken an extended break from the game until recently. I'll keep ya updated.
  6. Thanks. I very much appreciate that. Five of them are currently up. I'll probably cycle through to other ones soon, though I honestly haven't really done much the past couple weeks. Starting to pick up on things again now though.
  7. Thanks dude. Appreciate it. I do try. I like to think it pays off, but ya never really know. I found em, thanks. Was really hoping to try out Mamba and S&M. Need more heel looking women on my save. xD Sorry, but Devitaki still needs some tweaks, and I have a few other characters to finish before I can do Sadie and Moxxi's move sets. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing Devitaki this week, and S&M not long after.
  8. Thanks, brotha. I really wanted to do something special and different for her this year. Think I succeeded. Five of 'em are. Easiest search tag is sardonicscribe.
  9. Thanks. There's quite a few missing from this page right now, but Ana Sophia is coming, as is Pyra. Actually forgot to make Ember Adair lasat year, but I do plan on changing that this year.
  10. Thanks ya'll. Very much appreciate the positive feedback (and even negative if there's that. XD) Thanks dude. I personally feel very strong borders stifling my creativity, but that's just me. Guess we're all our worst critics. Thanks. I'm a little more partial to the red myself, but for Vanessa, this is my favorite hair for her thus far.
  11. Thanks all. Much appreciated. Funny thing is I've never been banned for that shirt, but I was banned for a logo I used for her of a skeletal middle finger. even cut it in half to disguise it but they still banned me for it. XD Sweet. That's cool to hear.
  12. Think they were up when you posted this. If you didn't get them just let me know and I'll put them back up.
  13. Can't not love that. That is awesome. Well done.
  14. Well thanks too all that had kind words for her. XD I probably won't be posting everything I do here this year. I put quite a bit of thought into Nadi's stuff this year, somehow more than usual. Most of my others will rally just be direct imports from '18, save for maybe some recolor or extra texture work. I can probably count on one hand ones I'll try to do something new with. Well, that's not a worry this year as I currently have zero DLC.
  15. THanks all. Much appreciated. Not sure how far away she is, but she won't be too long off.
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