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  1. Current show, I watched the most recent two episodes of Supernatural at this very moment watching Spartacus from my dvd collection
  2. The enemies have been known since the game's announcement. What did you think they were gonna be? For this game, I stayed away from a lot of the detailed news to not get any spoilers since entertainment now shows EVERYTHING to the buyers and nothing is a surprise anymore, and I watched the first demo alone, and I was under the impression it was just a post apocalyptic story of survival among desperate humans. It was my wife that was reading the game informer with this on the cover and she told me about it. It was pretty much my fault for not reading more into it.
  3. Pics or it doesn't exist Well anyone could say that. Your going to have to wait for me to get a new mobile fone before I can show pics. I'm just messing with ya, I am in awe of that list, no lie. Congrats on the patience to acquire all that
  4. 7/10 not a big fan of him as an actor.
  5. I was this games #1 supporter.......but then I found out that they will feature infected humans....and I lost interest. I'm just bored with that in general, I'll pick this up when it's cheaper
  6. Damn, and here I was thinking I had a decent collection Great collection man. Thanks for sharing, to all of those above as well
  7. I have collected wrestling dvd's for a while and I figured, what the hell, why not share it with you guys, and we should all share with each other. The Very Best of Hayabusa The Flying assassin: Best of Hayabusa FIP: In full force FIP With Malice FIP New Dawn Rising FIP New Years Classic FIP Unfinished Business FIP/ROH: Before they were Stars, Cm Punk ROH:Stars of Honor ROH:Bloodstained Honor TNA: Best of 2007 TNA: The Best of AJ Styles Phenomenal TNA: The Best of Samoa Joe:Unstoppable TNA: The Best of Christopher Daniels:Heaven sent, Hell bound ECW: Deep Impact ECW: Hardcore History ECW: Extreme Rules Wwe: Allied Powers Worlds greatest Tag teams Wwe: The Best of Starrcade Wwe: History of Wwe Championship Wwe: The Best of Smackdown 10th anniversary Wwe: The Best of Raw 10th anniversary Wwe: Raw best of 2009 Wwe: Hell in a cell compilation Wwe: Ladder Match Wwe: Ladder Match 2 Wwe: Satans Prison, Elimination Chamber Wwe: Shawn Micheals, Heartbreak and Triumph Wwe: Shawn Micheals, From the Vault Wwe: The Rock Most electrifying man in sports entertainment Wwe: Eddie Guerrero Viva La Raza Wwe: Eddie Guerrero Cheating death and stealing life Wwe: Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Legacy of Wwe: Bret Hart: The Best there is Wwe: Undertaker: The Streak Wwe: Undertaker: Tombstone Wwe: Rey Mysterio: The Biggest little man Wwe: Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind Wwe: Matt and Jeff Hardy: The story Wwe: Chris Jericho Breaking the code Wwe: Edge: Decade of Excellence Wwe: Ric Flair: The Ultimate collection Wwe: Triple H: King of Kings Wwe: Triple H : The Game Wwe: Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate Anthology Wwe: Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon Wwe: Kane: The twisted, disturbed life of Kane Wwe: Road Warriors: The life and death Wwe: Mick Foley Greatest Hits and Misses
  8. Who told you to stop referring to the comics? I read the comics before the show came out. I understand the storyline of the comics, but when you post a part of the comic's storyline and state it as if it's the future of the show, I believe I'm entitled to state that you're not necessarily right. It's foolish to say "this is what will happen, because it happened in the comic"...since almost every time someone has tried to predict something based on the comic it has been wrong. Just saying. It's not ''Foolish'' as YOU don't even know if that will be how it happens. But either way, I'll drop it because he hasn't died yet, so we don't know how it will happen, or if.
  9. OH YEAH? WELL....WELL, SHUT UP. HOW ABOUT THAT? Is this to me? If so......get off it. I will comment in this discussion how I choose it. Insults and all that won't change a thing.
  10. YET AGAIN, just because you are so convinced they are different, why do you care. Get over it my friend. The comics existed LONG before the bandwagon show, so I don't feel I HAVE to stop ''referring'' to them. Thanks
  11. He's not disposed per se. He will be dealt with in a respectful manner afterwards, if that helps. Finally got the tag thing right
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