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    Bryan Danielson
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    Everything. System to Kanye, Borgir to Operator Please. Music is a huge passion of mine and something that gets me through life.
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    Ministry of Justice
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    360 & PS3. The rest aint worth mentioning... haha
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    I love all wrestling. I am however finding myself more into Dragon Gate than anthing else at the moment.
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    End_Zed. New Zealand baby!
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    Lost, Dexter, Outrageous Fortune, HIMYM, Parks & Recreation, Community... il stop there..
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  1. Attires are a ok with me!! He's looking great face wise!
  2. You. Are. A. Rockstar. Amazingly detailed work as always. Im happy to know that despite some backlash in your thread, you stuck to your guns and produced quality. Keep up the amazing work mate. And happy holidays
  3. Updated 24/12 Added attires for all. May just stick with one for all but Misawa. The only alt attire i could really think of was Kobashi's orange attire.. which i really dont dig anyway.. Mitsuharu Misawa - Attire 1 Mitsuharu Misawa - Attire 2 Kenta Kobashi Toshiaki Kawada Akira Taue
  4. I honestley think that Baretta is your best work. Awesome stuff man.
  5. Testuya Naito uploaded. Tags: Girzzlyshark, NJPW, LIJ Based on Spinebuster_94s moveset. Also re-upped Sanada. Thought his skin tonne and body morph was a bit off Cheers
  6. That Andrade is perfect. Thanks man, these are all great
  7. Naito face updated on the first page. I changed the hair, when editing the other hair the game crashed on me 3 times so i had improvise. I actually prefer this one. Will look into hair textures for the fringe and around the ears.
  8. SANADA uploaded and updated. Moves by Spinebuster_94 Tags: Grizzlyshark, njpw, lij Updated SANADAs attire a bit. Just the mask and his black attire. Nothing worth taking new pictures.
  9. New Sanada face preview and Naito attire preview. Getting a bit stuck on SANADA, so may just steal Spinebusters moveset and upload him tomorrow. Probably ZSJ too. Also noticed i didnt do Bushis atributes sorry guys!
  10. Bushi uploaded! Tags: NJPW, LIJ, Grizzlyshark Moves by spinebuster_94 enjoy!!
  11. Awesome! Ive been having trouble with his face (and face textures in general...) but yours looks real good! nice one
  12. Final BUSHI preview Forgot to re-add his logo on his right leg. It will be there when i upload him
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