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  1. It's still a great character, but I feel like a lot more could have been done with The Fiend character at this point. I feel like him having the Universal title is unnecessary. That's one of my biggest issues. I also hate his entrance now. Too much lighting and shit goes into now and it's no longer eerie or creepy.

  2. Braun's whole appeal was about him wrecking shit and being flat out unstoppable. Yeah, he could have won Universal title at any time w/ the briefcase, but it wasn't needed based on what you said earlier with him being 'a monster who can destroy anybody at anytime'. Him having the briefcase isn't something I found to be as unnecessary as much as it was for him to fail at successfully cashing it in; neither proved to be beneficial. It was already bad enough that Braun had like 3 opportunities at the title beforehand and failed to win - and with a guy like him with the MITB briefcase, he STILL comes up short.


    I just think it all made him look like shit.

  3. It wasn't really. A monster that can destroy anybody at anytime, and also with that "surprise factor" makes him even more of a threat for the championship.

    Which is why I think it was weird and unnecessary, especially considering he didn't successfully cash-in. It did nothing but harm him in the end; and if that was the initial plan all along, the putting the briefcase on him to begin with was a terrible idea.

  4. The way Angel Garza is in NXT right now is how I'd want Andrade to be on the main roster. They're both good af.


    I realize that the story with Andrade back in NXT was that he was too flashy, nonchalant and "tranquilo" to win the title, but Andrade's transition into this more focused, determined and aggressive character has carried over to the main roster. And yeah, that's cool and everything but it has also stripped him of a lot of his personality that made me like him to begin with. Idk why he can't have a good balance of him being really focused and aggressive, yet maintaining that cool, calm and collected demeanor and that swagger about him.

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