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  1. I am looking to change the username I log-in with (not just the name displayed to everyone). Is this possible? If so, how?
  2. Can anyone give my dumb ass a run down of Abilities vs Skill Sets? Such as how many slots we're allowed for each? Or how many grapple move slots we actually have to use? Is that information available yet? Trying to mock-up a few character movesets in preparation of day 1 caw making, but I just don't know where to start in relation to the changes,.
  3. Have you read my second reply? What, in your mind, constitutes and improved game? A better Universe Mode and Story Mode, and nothing else? Can you understand the point I raised about Create Modes improving Universe Mode?
  4. - Create A Story/Title are not useless modes. False Statement. - People do use CAS and CAB. Specifically to make YouTube CAW Shows. - CALogo/Arena/Belt etc. can be used in-directly to set-up a Non-WWE Universe Modes (can't have WCW Universe without create an arena and all the others, unless they put the arena back in). - Universe Mode and Career Mode (I assume you mean the yearly changing mode such as 30YearsOfWM - I'm going to refer to this as Story Mode from now on to remove confusion) do not get affected by these modes being present in the game (other than creation modes improving Universe Mode as explained above). In fact the various Create Modes have been left to fall into obscurity whilst UM and SM already get ALL the development time and marketing forcus each year. - Explain which new exciting 'mode' you would like to say, as opposed to evolving the gameplay engine to allow for more wrestlers in the ring at once and new matches like 4v4 Survivor Series and WarGames. Or the ability of CABelt to at least try to keep the game somewhat uptodate after release. - Different Create Modes aren't a waste of space, we're working on BluRay discs, not single layer DVDs from 2001 anymore. Voice Clips from Story Mode, or Commentary tracks take up the most space back on the old PS2 discs. I would imagine nowadays it would be entrance videos or something like that. But again we're working with such higher capacity discs, I'd bet the games don't come anywhere close to filling the discs. - I personally feel like the yearly Story Modes are the things that need stripping-out. I don't care to re-play any of the ass stories they give you, personally. If people do miss the mode, they can jupm on Community Creations servers and download people's Created Stories instead. That time would be spent better by adding new moves to the games, fixing glitches, removing restrictions, and adding features to modes that have been left half-completed - for example last year for 2k14 they said we could change the sideplates of WWE Titles, and we cannot. It would be nice to have more wrestlers in the ring, and be able to have new match types because of that. Those would be a good improvement for 2k15. It would mean more than a slapass Story Mode that most people only play through once in order to unlock things.
  5. Your poll choices are biased. Your reasoning is flawed. I'm tempted to flame your ass but I'll leave it at saying that you're the reason things get removed for stupid reasons,. Idiot.
  6. LOL I remember people talking about this for WWF SD JBI using the EyeToy Camera for PS2.
  7. If the old gen is still releasing on time, it must be something specifically about the current gen that needs updating or fixing. Which modes or gameplay elements were current gen exclusive again? Edit: Patrick is probably right.
  8. Still not sure I'm understanding correctly. Beginning to feel too complicated, perhaps. How does the ability leveling system work? We will have a 100% to spread amongst our different abilities and their levels? E.G. Going to Level 2 in whatever they're calling 'Ring Escape' now automatically means a different ability has to come down to Level 1 in order to balance the 100%? (Like how Body Damage percent currently works in CAW Mode)?
  9. Soo... Skill Sets outright replace Abilities, and we can have a maximum of 6? Six slots to give out characters a mixture of previous abilities, omg moments and generalized in-match actions such as jumping off a ladder? Why does Cena get so many and we only get 6? Am I understanding correctly? That seems a little too restictive, no? These should have been listed as AI Settings in CAW/CAMoveset, which would still allow the same level of customizability, but not restrict us to only using 6 slots: Moveset: - Use OMG Moves: Yes/No - Use Royal Rumble Finisher: Yes/No Match Actions: - Climb To Top Rope: Yes/No - Tag Your Partner: Often/Less Special Match Actions: - Break HIAC Wall: Yes/No - Use Steel Cage Door: Yes/No - Use Ladder Finishers: Yes/No
  10. To use the Attitude Era universe cutscenes in wwe13 you actually had to use attitude era wrestlers. how shitty is that?
  11. Skill Sets First Impressions: So they've chopped-up more of the moveset layout into specialist fighting styles/abilities/skill sets. (Outside Dives & Springbords Moves previously, now Top Rope moves and Royal Rumble Finishers). That's actually a good thing... I suggested something simillar recently using the example of those things being A.I. Setting Toggles (Go To Top Rope: Never/Often/Less). That basically seems to be what 2K are doing, but they're calling them Skill Sets instead of Superstar AI Settings. The advantage is two-fold. As well as making a CAW wrestle how you want them to (if your wrestler doesn't go to the top rope a lot, or you don't want them busting out, say, Royal Rumble finishers that don't fit their character) by not giving them certain Skill Sets that area of the Create-A-Moveset should be greyed-out. Which will make creating their moveset much faster in return. I think it might be a bit too limiting to start placing generalized in-ring actions like jumping off the ladder/chamber pod/steel cage which everyone should be able to perform as Daredevil Skill Set moves - but providing we are given enough Skill Set slots to 'stack-up' on them if we want to, it shouldn't be too much of a problem, I guess? Looking at Cena's Skill Set list we do seem to have a lot of slots to use at once. That is, if those OMG Moments aren't simply locked to the superstar like Taker's Scuicide Dive is, and we can actually choose them all for our CAWs. If they are locked to the superstar, the amount of Skill Set slots that we have to work with suddenly looks a lot smaller. So let's hope that CAWs have a lot of skill slots too, and it's not just the in-game wrestlers getting beefed-up unfairly like they have in the past (HCTP Brock Lesnar & Legend Undertaker). Also, lets hope that there's freedome to assign whichever Skills we want, no funny business like "You already have the Barricade Breaker OMG, so you can't use the Superplex-To-Outside OMG".
  12. I want some of the cutscenes from previous season modes. Rewatching SVR07's where Roddy Piper and Bam Bam are trying to break Taker's ankle in a chair, and Mick Foley hobbles out on a crutch (they got him the previous week). Foley tries to take their head off with the crutch as Piper and Bam Bam bail out of the ring. Got some SERIOUS DDP and Macho Man vibes.
  13. Its just a flaw in the game. I've noticed it too, the same thing happens when you try to go for a running corner attack, more often then not the game will ignore the button press and just have you get on the turnbuckle rather than bounce off with the whisper in the wind, corkscrew senton or what have you. So it's not just me then. Thank god. I remember on TNA Impact, and then on SVR08 which also implemented the running Springboard Dives/Outside Dives as a response, they used to be some of my FAVORITE things to do. So many of my CAWs back then had Springboard/Outside Dives it was untrue. Although I think back then we had a little more control over what happened. I know we used to be able to pick a standing-opponent springboard and a downed-opponent springboard, and as well I think we got different moves for a standing springboard and a running-to-the-ropes springboard. Now it seems that we have less choice, and the moves are automatically replaced with something else anyway, dependent on how close the opponent is to the ropes (a dropkick becomes a close-line or a cross-body etc.), so once again it all a little less fun. I'm taking a guess that this was due to the mo-capping which started creeping in with SVR09/LOWM/SVR2010, because one of those games made all the diving moves from the turnbuckle look stitched-together and disjointed.
  14. Why does it matter that they were old animations? Being old makes them no less good, especially if they've been removed and not replaced yet. And in other cases, where the replacement mo-cap move looks awful compared to the perfect hand-drawn animation, I don't understand the thinking that they needed to go because they were old. Examples such as Eddie's Frog Splash, Lita's Moonsault and Bradshaw's Closeline From Hell all look like ass in their current mo-capped forms, whereas the old versions looked perfect.
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