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  1. Adam Pearce juggles BOTH shows? O_O They still have the roster draft splits right?
  2. Who is the current GM for Raw, Smackdown and NXT?
  3. WWE 2K23 will allow us to basically create the WWE Universe as we see fit? I plan on making mine feel very "Attitude Era". I grew up watching a WWE that was a little bit more Raw and less Family Friendly. I plan on doing storylines and angles that takes me back to the early days, including the early to mid 2000s of WWE. I really would like to get some DLC Packs that features WWE Superstars from the early 2000s or mid 2000s. I could even go for some 90s as well.
  4. I honestly feel like the fans want a Divas DLC Pack. Jacqueline, Michelle McCool, Melina and etc. I can at least feel comfortable knowing that they will have a fair number of women on the roster since they need a solid Women's Division for MyRise and so forth.
  5. Hopefully we will get some solid women in the roster for the women's division. Sasha and Naomi were some big name females, I can only hope that they were able to replace them.
  6. They said this roster for 2k23 will be bigger than 22? Maybe I will get The BOSS Sasha Banks after all? The only reason why I was concerned is based on the way she left. I feel like when you leave WWE on bad terms, that means no WWE stuff.
  7. If WWE Creators have to sacrifice one game mode just to make the other one better? I say just remove one of those modes. Quality will always be better over Quantity. I know good and well that they wouldn't sacrifice MyRise just to re-build Universe Mode. I know that MyRise wasn't as impactful in 2K22 as they had hoped but being able to import your own CAW into MyRise automatically adds POINTS on the scoreboard. We need a Career Mode that isn't lame lol.
  8. Creative Director Lyndell is basically saying that they made sure Universe Mode was JUST as good as MyRise if not.....Better? I don't exactly know how I am supposed to take that in... It's possible to have two lead "singers" in a group metaphorically speaking but MyRise should NOT be treated as a "duplicate" version of Universe Mode. I do not want to go into MyRise feeling like I am playing Universe Mode except now I have to build my character up from the bottom. Until I see previews and exclusive info based on MyRise standing out on it's own two feet, I will keep my suspicions.
  9. WWE 2K23 Creative Director says that Universe Mode will have the same creative engine as MYRISE......SERIOUSLY? O_O
  10. I like to use Exhibition Matches to keep story fueds going too. I guess with Universe Mode I now have another platform to use as well. It's always fun to also create an original stable. Did they ever have advanced entrances for like 3 man stables?
  11. You truly understand me! Question: Do you guys like to CAWs and have them in stable alliances with WWE superstars originally on the roster or perhaps you guys like to download a lot of WCW Stars or AEW Stars or even ECW ones and basically have those groups rival with WWE. A lot of that can be created in Universe Mode I'm sure.
  12. You make wrestlers and create story angles and personas for them? C'mon bro it's mad fun. If they let us do promos and cut scenes, I am sold for Universe Mode lol!
  13. Out of curiousity do you guys mainly play WWE 2K games focusing more on the exhibition aspect of it and less more on the story and promo elements of the game? I grew up as a kid who loved fighting games like Tekken, Dead or Alive and Street Fighter. One thing that I noticed about myself as a gamer of WWE games is that I can slowly lose interest if I feel like I'm just playing the game to make matches and fight in the ring. The main reason why I loved WWE 2K19 so much is that I literally had CAWs and I made story angles for them and literally acted like I ran my own show lol. Sometimes I wondered if the makers of this WWE 2K game feel as though the more you make the game feel like you are IN WWE, the more favorable the game could become.
  14. A WWE Gamer like me strongly PREFERS Promos in WWE 2K23. I need all types of story elements to feel like I'm not just having exhibition matches just to wrestle in a wrestling game.
  15. If they go ALL IN with MyRise this year knowing that we can import our own CAWs into the game, I will be all set and ready to pre-order. Career Mode has always been a classic tradition in WWE games. I remember "The Road to Wrestlemania" mode.
  16. Does anybody know if they will discuss more about MyRise for 2k23? The coverage has been a lot about War Games, MyGM and Universe Mode which is great but I desperately want to know if the effort was put into making MyRise better.
  17. I anxiously wanna see the final confirmed roster for the game. I caught a glimpse of Liv Morgan which was cool, she looks great.
  18. I need them to announce that this is gonna be the BIGGEST roster yet or at least just as good as 2k22.
  19. Are you guys hoping for more WCW Superstars confirmed on the final roster? Or more WWE Attitude era Superstars like Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn?
  20. Has LA Knight been confirmed on the roster yet?
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