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  1. When it comes to Mic Skills, Character Development Skills, Wrestling Skills and overall knowing how to be a great WWE Superstar? L.A. Knight on Smackdown and Shinsuke Nakamura on Raw are feeding me so good right now! All I know is that I am hungry for more. THEY understand the assignments every single week.
  3. I meant NXT as a whole, besides I feel like your views on disliking certain superstars are based on opinions and not facts. YOU may not like somebody but either way a lot of these guys have supporters.
  4. I don't expect NXT to be on the same level as Raw and Smackdown as far as being great performers mainly for the fact that NXT is made for the new up and comers. NXT is about helping the Superstars get better, so I think it wouldn't be fair to raise the bar so high to where they cant be considered a good enough show.
  5. I like what Becky Lynch is doing for the Women's Division over on NXT. Tiffany Stratton's Blonde Girl gimmick is something that still has to grow on me but her wrestling moves are cool and I feel like Becky is helping the new girls gain some momentum.
  6. This year during an interview Bryan Williams said Create A Story, Special Referee and Create A Finisher is coming back to 2K Games, he said it's just a matter of WHEN. To be honest I was surprised at that statement because I thought that Create A Story wouldn't come back due to the difficulty of putting something like that back into the game engine itself.
  7. Every time I get a WWE 2K game and look at the NXT Roster, I'm like WHO are these people? lol. I don't want NXT to be mandatory for every wrestler doing well at the PC.
  8. AEW's Promos and Segments have just the right amount of authentic rawness to it, I dig it a lot. I can feel the compassion with a lot of these Superstars on the roster.
  9. Edge coming to AEW came at me by surprise. The way he ended WWE with that final match really felt like he was officially retiring from wrestling all together. I watched Edge's WWE Biography on TV a few nights ago and his humble down to earth nature warmed my heart. I wish Edge the best in AEW but I really did believe that his goodbye in WWE was him throwing in the towel. I see Edge as one of those wrestlers who's injuries were taking a toll over the years and that maybe Edge was ready to official retire and be with his family.
  10. I wonder what got her released in the first place and what brought Nia back?
  11. I wanted to do some online research over this Nia Jax controversy. Apparently there is a back and forth between Nia Jax's fans and the fans that are against her. Fans are saying she's dangerous and that she injures people but her supporters are basically saying it was just an accident, so stop crying. Her supporters are saying that this is wrestling and getting hurt happens all the time. All the Anti-Nia fans are saying she is going to be a problem. I feel like Nia Jax isn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon IMO mainly for the fact that her co-workers have nothing bad to say about her. The outcry for her being a problem backstage might not be big enough to get management's attention. Honestly, I'm curious to know what brought Nia back to WWE in the first place.
  12. My Bad! I barely watched Jade that much with her matches. Shame on me for thinking all that time in AEW she was growing with her training. No way in hell this woman is ready for The EST
  13. Jim Cornette was down playing Jade Cargill's in-ring abilities during one of his little podcasts, but I'm sure she can pull off a long rounded technical match in WWE. I'm sure it wasn't just her great look that got WWE's attention.
  14. I feel like the chances of Jade being in 2K24 are slim to none. She literally JUST got signed. They probably don't have her theme music, persona, gimmick, etc. Nothing.
  15. Has there been any reports on any of the women in WWE in regards to how Nia Jax is inside and outside the ring? The only personal thing I know about Nia is that I think her and Alexa are friends.
  16. It feels like the Creative Team either ran out of ideas or just stopped trying.
  17. I didn't even know that a certain percentage of fans are basically not even happy to see Nia Jax back. If I can say one positive thing about having Nia Jax in the women's division, is that it can inspire women of a certain body type to see that they too can become wrestlers as a woman. Like Awesome Kong.
  18. Was that the first time Solo Sikoa ever TALKED on live TV?
  19. Is this the official wrap up as far as releases? Or is the roster still not safe as we head into October?
  20. Do we still have a chance at official 4 Man stable custom entrances for 2K24? I don't know if that stuff is still on demand from fans or not.
  21. I remember watching an in-ring segment with The Miz and John Morrison on Miz TV. John Morrison was a heel and he was on the mic trying to trash talk and speak highly of The Miz. In the back of my mind I'm thinking to myself "John I know you can deliver on the mic better than this." Maybe he was just tired or he didn't fully prepare for something. Overall, I always loved John Morrison's look, his work ethic, his athletic ability and his down to earth nature. It's unfortunate he couldn't make a big splash in WWE after MNM tag team days but I feel like he should be eligible to be seen as someone worth signing in one of the top Indy places.
  22. Do we have enough Superstars currently on the roster that can fill in the gap of every released Superstar as far as roster filled up for 2K24? I'm hoping the roster for the next game is just as big if not bigger?
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