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  1. I wasn't going to post on here but I am kinda desperate and in need of some assistance. I am currently creating my original CAWS for WWE 2K games and one of the main gimmicks of my wrestlers is that they mention how good looking they are. I cannot seem to find any good CAW face textures to download online to create my wrestlers with. The majority of the male face textures I see online are either not handsome enough or look kinda old with wrinkles on their forehead LOL. I NEED HELP! lol If anybody would like to reply in this topic with a link or a post with some good male CAW face textures that are handsome, please send them here ASAP. I tried to find a GOOD face texture design of actor Chris Hemsworth but I had no luck. Please help me out, anybody if you can. Thanks and have a good Thanksgiving. - StillDriven
  2. I remember when Mickie James was obsessed with Trish Stratus and the big popular storyline that came out if it. I think Anthony and Max are pretty cool all around and I think Max's promos and segments with The Acclaimed are hilarious, especially with MJF. I am hoping that it leads up to Max's obsession with MJF to put them in a one on match against each other. This obsessed love thing just like Mickie James could be a good look and build up for Max. I think both Max and Bowens are great wrestlers and I dig The Acclaimed a lot. When it comes to being good at portraying a character, I feel like Max is good as playing his gimmick. Bowens is good too but I actually love Bowens as a stand up guy in real life.
  3. I feel like there are moments where The Acclaimed's gimmick can be a little confusing or misleading. I don't know if Max Caster wants people to suspect that he's gay or if he is just posing as a guy who is "sus" or whatever. I figured the Scissor me thing was something to get the crowd wondering about what type of relationship they have between the two of them. Is it gay posing? Or is it focused based on being a bunch of weirdos. Sometimes I wonder if when it comes to gimmicks you just continue with whatever is working the crowd. Overall I like Anthony and Max in general.
  4. Max Caster's interactions with MJF are classic
  5. I love Anthony Bowens and Max Caster, that is all lol.
  6. I have this feeling in my gut that Roman will keep the title for another 12 months. Cody Rhodes seems like the only true candidate that can finally dethrone Roman at WM. Deep down it just feels like WWE is enjoying the ride of continuing to out Roman over everybody else. At this point it just feels like he will keep the title until his official retirement. As a fan I feel brainwashed to believe that WWE looks at Roman Reigns as the unstoppable money machine with no need to ever let his belt go. I don't see any signs of him letting the belt go any time soon at all.
  7. I gotta give Carmelo Hayes his props tonight.
  8. And nobody can tell me how or why Nia got her job back after being released....
  9. HEY HHH! How many Jade Cargill introductions are we gonna get until she can actually come outside!?
  10. As we head towards the holidays, my question is will The Bloodline stay on top? Does Roman Reigns still have his hype? Will other Superstars be able to get over without Roman Reigns taking up all the spotlight? Are the fans done with it? What's next for Roman? IMO I think he's overrated but if Roman can help build LA even higher? Then I'm cool with it.
  11. And let me also change gears and say this: There are times when I will be distracted watching other stuff happen in pro wrestling that I might overlook and simply not paying attention to something great happening in pro wrestling today. Iyo Sky, in the beginning I saw her as this cute young lady who came off as the quiet one in Damage Control but woah, I had no idea that her in-ring wrestling ability was THAT incredible and up to par. It's no wonder she's the Women's Champion right now. I wasn't aware of the popularity and huge crowd support she had this year in 2023. Iyo's match against Bianca Belair at Backlash has thousands and thousands of views! During the whole entire match against Bianca, the crowd was on HER side the whole entire time. It was a great match and this young lady is incredible. I was never really focusing on Damage Control despite the fact that I love Bayley as a bully when it comes to her character persona. But yeah, five stars for Ms. Iyo Sky, I don't even know where she came from before WWE. ❤
  12. I love L.A. Knight and I am not a Roman fan BUT when Roman said: "Alright, I'm very proud of ya, I give you a couple months and.....They say your name now." O_O LOL!!!
  13. I need some thoughts and comments, was Smackdown good or nah?
  14. Anyways...... Let's hope that a certain returning Superstar doesn't hog all the camera time and character build up potential. I ain't acknowledging sh*t lol
  15. Is he going to compete? Or be just a character?
  16. I think MJF is the face of AEW but I don't plan on becoming a fan of his. I respect his work ethic and dedication to his character persona but his overly dramatic meltdowns like he's bipolar is a downer for me.
  17. I'm officially getting into AEW as a regular viewer of the show and I have to say, man this guy Swerve ain't nothing to play wit. Bryan Danielson is a tough competitor in the ring and the way Swerve was working him? I'm like wow.
  18. I definitely would not have put AEW over WWE when it comes to this particular subject if we are talking WWE 15 years ago. I'm not saying the personas and talent in WWE was bad five or so years back but baby when it comes to Personas? Gimmicks? Promo Skills? Overall talent? WWE 15 years ago could own every mother f**ker in AEW. For example, TRIPLE-H.....I was never a fan really, he was never my top 5, BUT when it comes to his persona of being the biggest A**hole on God's green earth? Who could compete? Who could deliver like him? It's all about convincing the fans and the audience that your character is believable and I feel like AEW is performing better than WWE. I still love WWE and I feel like there is plenty of talent to go around, but I just feel like they gotta give me more, I need more, let me see it.
  19. I was in a live chat discussion last night discussing WWE and AEW. I made a comment saying that when it comes to Character Persona, Promos, Segments and Character Development, AEW is better and more appealing than today's WWE. One of the guys in the chat disagreed with me. My heart is always gonna be Team WWE but right now I am sticking to my argument that AEW beats WWE over this. I wanted to hear everybody else's thoughts. One of the guys in the live chat said that AEW is good when it comes to that because the Characters have full control over what they want to do. So basically the talent gets the credit and not AEW or Tony Khan.
  20. Hey guys I just wanted to say that if you are looking for a good YouTuber who talks wrestling and WWE 2K24, you guys should definitely check out Jesse A.K.A Pro Wrestling Shoot.
  21. Moving back to the discussion of Tony Khan and this HHH situation. Now that Tuesday night is over with, perhaps I could be playing myself to believe that Tony is gonna let this situation go and brush it off. Tony is probably like a rich kid in a candy store playing around with WWE lol
  22. To those of you that really watch AEW and follows the show, if AEW is simply better as far as Story angles, promos, segment and all around substance of a wrestling show compared to WWE? Let me know for sure and I will work my way into truly watching it and getting into it. My patience with WWE is officially gone. I like some people on AEW already so maybe it will be something I can get into. I like The Acclaimed, Anna Jay and maybe Swerve once he grows on me.
  23. In this case I will take AEW putting on a good show over WWE using big name stars in irrelevant scenarios on NXT for the sake of no true purpose at all.
  24. I agree with everything you just said but I also feel like it's deeper than just Seth Rollins. WWE in 2023 was piss poor when it comes to Storylines, Angles, Build Ups and so forth. There is a Youtuber who does live chats based on Pro Wrestling and I plan on bringing up this discussion today when he goes live. I do not want to go through another year in WWE with promos and in ring segments that put me to sleep. The only reason why the WWE doesn't feel like they need to fire their writers is because I think in this day and age the audience can be satisfied with just good fancy matches and colorful lights. I am only one person but I will continue to talk about this until they make it better. Bron Breakker's in ring performance on the mic with John Cena was TERRIBLE and his reaction to the Undertaker was the same way. I feel like Bron is going to be called up to the main roster, I have nothing against the guy, I like his look, I just wish WWE would bring back the old school staff that understood the value in entertainment.
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