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  1. Due to the disaster of WWE 2K22, I see no motivation to get WWE 2K23.
  2. I still find myself in disbelief that they are going to push forward with WWE 2K23. Honestly? I feel like the only reason why they are pushing with 2K23 is simply due to contract obligations. I bought the NWO 4 Life version of 2K22 and I spent a good amount of time playing the game until the first round of freezes and glitches started to happen. My favorite mode in the game hands down is MyRise, I love it. I've always enjoyed WWE games but I feel like moving forward, they have lost the trust of a lot of fans. I am 100% not expecting for 2K23 to have a high level of sells in it's first week once it's released. What could they honestly give us in 2K23 that would be enough to apologize for how 2K22 turned out?
  3. I was hoping that the fans would get so sick and tired of the freezes and glitches that we would do a big social media boycott of WWE 2K22 and 2K23.
  4. Everytime WWE 2K22 goes through a series of constant freezing on the loading screens, I end up having to uninstall the game on my PS4 and reinstall.
  5. I don't think I have tried that yet, i am really getting sick and tired of this...
  6. It only happens when I am creating a new Superstar. It's happening in MyRise.
  7. Is anybody else having freezing on the loading screen since the new patch update?
  8. I'm trying to create a new Superstar in MyRise and every time I make an attempt to create someone, the loading screen freezes up. I am done with trying to do this. How many patch updates do we even need? Are we gonna have to go through this forever? It's NEVER ENDING.
  9. I got the new patch update and the freezing loading screen situation is happening again. Are people honestly looking forward to WWE 2K23 knowing that 2K22 has been a disaster for months?
  10. An error came in and crashed the game after I JUST won a title match in MyRise!!! WWE 2K22 WAS BAD!
  11. I actually blocked out 2K20 all together lol
  12. Am I the only one who is a bit puzzled by the fact that they are focusing on releasing WWE 2K23 next year? I feel like WWE 2K22 hasn't been able to truly make a name for itself due to the massive number of bugs, freezes and glitches. I have never seen a WWE video game with this many problems. It's difficult for me to get hyped up about 2k23 knowing that 2k22 has left some bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. I feel like an advanced version of MyRise would definitely get me interested but I feel like 2k22 hasn't even warmed up yet. The main glitches I have been dealing with lately is in MyRise where my wrestler and their opponent is basically levitating in mid-air with their feet not touching the mat as they wrestle....
  13. Are there any good CAWs of The Miz? I wanna download him.
  14. Yup, it's happening to me again too. I took months off from playing WWE 2K22 to only find out that even with that new patch, the FREEZES are still happening. IGN should not be giving WWE 2K22 a high score rating on this game.
  15. When I created my CAW for MyRise, the ring announcer says "representing the Prime Time players...". The problem is that my CAW has nothing to do with Prime Time Players. The Prime Time Players is a stable I made for Exhibition mode. What the HECK is going on? LOL
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