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  1. Due to all the bugs and glitches of 2k22, I ended up taking about two months hiatus away from playing the game. Since returning to the game, it feels good not to see any bugs or freezes for the time being. I was worried that the last DLC content with RVD was gonna give us the worse bugs ever but so far so good. Ever since I done some tweaking on the balancing of making the gameplay more challenging, it's been fun for sure.
  2. I don't see a reason in getting excited for the new DLC No Clowning Around pack coming up knowing that it just might continue with the bugs, glitches and freezes that we have now. I think we should just throw in the towel for 2k22 and publicly boycott WWE 2K23.
  3. Sometimes the buttons will have my character set up the wrong finisher. One of my finishers requires me to press HOLD and the other one just wants me to tap R2+X but even then, he ends up doing the opposite finisher when I am just tapping the buttons.
  4. I have been patiently waiting for LA Knight and RVD. They knew this would be the best pack out of all of them, that's why they waited so long
  5. The Clowning Around DLC is coming up next. I'm worried that the only clowning around were gonna see is the new DLC giving us another bad case of crashes and glitches. I plan on saving up everything I can before the new DLC gets here, just in case it turns out to be another bad patch.
  6. With all the bugs and glitches this game has been happening, I wanna make sure that the game gets low ratings on IGN, Google and everywhere else. It's nothing personal but we have to be honest in regards to how this game has been recieved.
  7. I once clotheslined Shelton Benjamin when we were fighting outside the ring and he literally went through the floor like quicksand with his knees sticking out of the ground.
  8. I like the fact that the commentators actually says something about our CAWs when they are making their entrance based on the character's persona. I remember in 2K19 our CAWs would make an entrance and it would be crickets lol
  9. It didn't occur to me that the updates would change what is being said during commentary, or at least cancel certain things that used to be said during the game.
  10. Out of curiosity I wanted to know if you guys enjoy the commentary that goes on during the matches and entrances? I honestly find some of the things being said to be entertaining. Whenever my wrestler does a tilt-a-whirl DDT, I can hear one of the commentators, I think it's Saxon that goes "Beautiful athleticismmmm!"
  11. For the rest of the week, I am going to be downloading all the Arenas, CAWs and Championships I want and making sure that they are saved up and ready to play. Why? Because I am SCARED that once we get another new patch with DLC content? The freeze and crashes will be much worse. At least this way I will have everything I want saved and hopefully I can still run exhibition matches. I feel like the creators of WWE 2K22 has lost the trust of the fans. It's going to be difficult for players to get back into the game wondering if another bad patch is going to happen.
  12. I understand, I'm starting to wonder if most players have decided to deal with the crashes and glitches as long as they can still play certain aspects of the game. I feel like the Creation Suite is one of the main things that the recent patch destroyed.
  13. Hey Guys, I just wanted to check in to see how the game has been working for you guys? If the new patch has gotten better since last week?
  14. MAD? He looks great, who is that UPDATE: Eddie Kingston, I found him under your Zaddik name. He has a great face.
  15. I don't know if this strategy works for all game platforms but I have the PS4. I deleted WWE 2K22 from my library and re-downloaded it again to my PS4 and for the first time in four days, it did not freeze. I accidently deleted my old saved data but I don't mind starting from scratch. Even though re-installing the game had stopped the freezing, I don't know how long it will last.
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