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  1. Do you guys ever like to use the original face templates that starts off in the game? I always try to find good downloaded faces that get uploaded but I wonder if they will give us an original selection to choose from? They talked about how they wanted the creation suite models to look exactly like the superstars.
  2. Do you guys plan on having a Stable/Faction in Universe Mode/ Exhibition? Story angle.
  3. If we got Carmelo Hayes, could we possibly get Trick Williams?
  4. Perhaps the NXT current roster has been making a popular impact just as big as the main brands? I am curious on where NXT is at right now as far as audience and popularity.
  5. The leaker was right about The Bella Twins, which means he could be right about Michelle McCool.
  6. No Sasha, No Naomi and no *soft whisper* Mannndddyyyyy lol Question: Do you guys think that the Women's division in the game will still be just as strong as 2K22? Those three women were big names and I feel like the only main four headliners are now Becky Lynch, Bayley, Rhea Ripley and The EST.
  7. You can't have a Toxic Attraction without Mandy Rose. Maybe she's DLC.
  8. Before I go to bed tonight I just wanna say that even though it's mainly less than 15 members here commenting on the 2k23 board, I just want to say that I am still enjoying myself. It's the quality over the quantity that matters fellas. Having a little small discussion group is kinda cool actually. I wouldn't want to countdown to WWE 2K23 with any other people.
  9. I was thinking New Era but yeah The Future is cool. How about Future History? Haha.
  10. What type of Stable/Faction are you guys gonna do for Exhibition/Universe Mode stuff? I'm definitely bringing in Carmelo Hayes with some original CAWs. I wonder if they will add Trick Williams too. I wanna do a young and fresh stable that looks at themselves as The Future of WWE.
  11. I take it we will be getting more realistic original Face Templates for the Creation Suite?
  12. I'm definitely putting Carmelo in my stable. He's LIT
  13. For crying out loud can we PLEASE get some information on MyRise. This is literally the only mode that hasn't been discussed yet lol
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