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  1. And by "questionable" you mean logical?
  2. And there's UFC for matches. Go watch a real fight instead of this FAKE stuff.
  3. AEW is mostly cringe by the way. Danhausen? Best Friends? Orange Cassidy? Adam Cole, GayGay? Young Cucks? No thanks
  4. So casuals aren't true fans? This mindset is exactly why nobody watches now.
  5. Meh. He looks too much like an average teenage kid to be believable as a badass. He's got to start hitting the gym and putting on weight.
  6. It means I don't care about the in ring work, I'm more interested in personalities, storylines and good looking women.
  7. Exactly. The only thing casual fans think about wrestling when guys like him are on is "look at how stupid this is! How can anyone watch this?" He makes wrestling look like a joke. Same can be said for even the more serious scrawny guys like Gargano and Cole. If you're gonna be smaller you at least need to look like a damn athlete (Mysterio, Theory, Starks, etc.)
  8. Nope, just someone who watches wrestling to be entertained and couldn't give two *censored*s how good someone does fake moves.
  9. Mostly a good show, needs to get rid of a lot of the indy/black and gold NXT workers with no long term upside (Ciampa, Kai, Gonzalez, etc.) and focus on the younger, character driven performers instead of being another generic wrestling show.
  10. And yes, I know Raquel Gonzalez is still there. She's part of the problem.
  11. Wrong. Smarks are the ones who ruin wrestling by watering it down to a bunch of fake moves down by generic skinny people. Casuals are the ones who dictate the health of the wrestling business, just look at the Rock n Wrestling and Attitude Eras. The less casuals are viewing, the worse off the business is. And the workrate indie bullshit is what ran them off to begin with. This is why I prefer NXT 2.0, it's a return to what made pro wrestling great once upon a time: characters, storylines, wrestlers that actually look like wrestlers, and actual, feminine, sexy women instead of whatever the hell Raquel Gonzalez is supposed to be.
  12. I'm dead serious. Most of their roster is bland as hell. Decay is cool too...other than those three acts and Heath and EY in the midcard it's a boring smark show.
  13. AEW still has no casual viewers.
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