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  1. BullPower44

    Women CAWs

    Hello, Who are some good creators who create women CAWs? I want to add missing wrestlers to my 2K19 roster, including women. Bull
  2. Nevermind, EnzoFolgore has uploaded him with his NXT debut attire.
  3. Hello, This is probably way too early to have the logos, but does anyone have png's of the logos of Karrion Kross' attire? Bull
  4. Aw, of course I enter first lmao. And I got eliminated by the second entry. Can't we simulate Royal Rumble's and predict who's going to win? I totally never won those...
  5. Hey, Any recommendations for good Killer Kross and Timothy Thatcher CAWs? Thanks, Bull
  6. BullPower44

    WCW Project

    You know you can just make your own topic right?
  7. Well, gotta get those 500 posts so I can legally enter next year. I see AJ Styles is a very good pick... Gotta remember that. See y'all next year here!
  8. Hey, What is the original name of Ciampas Psycho Cutter finisher? Bull
  9. For the males, I would go with Rey Mysterio and Shinsuke Nakamura. I have always thought Andrade and Mysterio would have been a good duo, too bad they don't like each other (kayfabe). As for Nakamura, he could be the Tetsuya Naito of the group. I don't know about the females.
  10. 1. Tommaso Ciampa 2. Pete Dunne
  11. Can someone delete this? Didn't read the first rule. I am a dumbass.
  12. I know man, I know. But I want to have the CAWs as close to being an in game superstar as possible, so that requires some movesets and other stuff. Gave up on the older games, only want the 2K20 stuff now, too bad the game is trash otherwise I would've bought it already.
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