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  1. That's awesome man. THose new ones on the poster that weren't shown yet are great. Moss Man actually looks like he has moss, well done. Those rings are sweet.
  2. Yep, I think I'm going to have to use my 3rd one for this and just sim the universe.
  3. DAMN man those are super impressive. Yeah, Ram Man is a bit odd but ya gotta work with what you can. We need Jitsu, Fisto (with large fist), Moss Man, Buzz Off. You are killing these man
  4. I am also an 80s kid and those look awesome. Now I need more. Ram Man would be hilariously awesome.
  5. Looks like he tried to make the pain color skin color. It is a good idea it just wasn't executed that great.
  6. Thanks, it made more sense to me to put him on a lower tier trio with those guys than a higher tier trio on Heyman Alliance
  7. I will try and figure it out, but it's not showing one that is downloaded when I search. I'll take a picture and see if I can compare it, but I'm not sure if it is up anymore or not.
  8. New Varsity Club Trio for Season 3 of my WWL. Obviously not uploaded just sharing Mojo Rawley, Riddick Moss (Mister_Fiend), Tino Sabbatelli (karshbmt)
  9. Sweet. I hadn't checked today as I wasn't on that account I need him on.
  10. Yes I need that Brookes for my World Wrestling League to go along with Travis Banks and Ligero
  11. Twisted Bliss Trio is available. I also uploaded an alterate look for Bliss now that I can copy parts without it shutting down on me and put it on her with the pigtails. All 4 are available
  12. Here is the full set of Twisted Bliss Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Toni Storm They have the classic red and black look and also a look inspired by the new movie look, including shirt. I was struggling with Toni Storm's new school inspired look but I think I found a good one. I didn't want to just to a split color for both of them so I kind of took inpiration from Bliss as well with her black color based outfit. I really like the outfit I found for Morgan. These will be up tomorrow. I was too tired to go back and take them off of alternate attires so they could be uploaded. I'm debating putting Bliss's outfit on her picktails (they have fixed it so you can copy everything over without it shutting down on me. I put one of the Twisted Bliss logos on the back of the red/blue jacket to mimic the back of the movie jacket.
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