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  1. "@wwecesaro Needs a Jason Statham gimmick or stable. Dress up in a suit and be the neutral mercenary to take Brock Lesnar #YouCanDoIt " "U r not the king of swing u r the king or turds becuz ur the #SWISSSUPERS*IT omfg how many times i gotta say it god damn @wwecesaro" "Tyler ur so gay now ur going to block me cuz the truth hurts if u wanna be da best don't block me I wanna see and if u wanna go face to face idgaf@mmmgorgeous"
  2. "seath is the wrost wrestler" "F*ck Brock Lesnar, but John Cena win by DQ. #Cocklesnar and#f*ckanticenation and #paulgaymay!"
  3. Im Not even Gonna Do This Peoples Challenge, I Cant even Get That High to Get That Legendary dean
  4. Just Want a Ultra Rare dean and Been Sucking in Kotr
  5. Aqfitz is Your in Game name Aqfitz and Is your Champion Jack Swagger?
  6. I Saw ThreeG on The Game Ugg I Want that Super Rare ambrose you have
  7. Got a Super Rare Brie Cameron AJ and Paige
  8. I Just want that Damn Super Rare Ambrose
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