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  1. Awesome season Finale. But my favorite season Finale is still 2. Which is funny considering season 2 is my least favorite season.
  2. Lmao man these are good when you need a laugh.
  3. Haven't read the comics but is Alexandria/Aaron bad or nah?
  4. Aaron looks so much like Topher Grace. I expect red to pop out and say Dumb ass!!!
  5. The last episode was amazingly done. The camera work was fantastic. Some of the best I've seen in this show. I actually thought it was a really good episode.
  6. Daniel Bryan is cute regardless imo. He really can pull off the long beard and hair. And he can pull off the short hair and clean-shaven. And his WHC run too. He makes it all work and I always find him attractive!
  7. McMahon? Shane McMahon in the past... The Shane that is still hot is myself.
  8. Shane was so hot back in the day. I know a certain shane that is still hot
  9. Gahh that movie is incredible.. I relate to Charlie so much. Have you read the book? If not I strongly suggest you check it out!
  10. Nope it doesn't, I agree. But I'm open to change. I'm excited for this though. The Falcon looks incredible!!!!
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