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  1. Is it not usable in matches at all or just no longer in pin combo tab in movelist? Tag team finishers lost pin combo on previous moves but the pin combos still work in matches. Why do they keep messing with the moves...like why. The sheer amount of moves lost is annoying and they still kept messing with it.
  2. So they patched in the Hurt Business entrance, but did we lose the Lashley/MVP entrance? I reset the teams to get the premade Hurt Business, and the tag entrance appears to just be a random one. And is the entrance only for 4v4? Not if it’s any other match where all 4 appears
  3. The double tap AA (AA rolled into another AA) or do you mean a different one?
  4. Anyone else’s Alexa Bliss from WhatstheStatus have the bottom bugged? Like the legs look cut off/unrendered? Older Alexa Bliss attire pieces work fine, it’s just the specific piece I think
  5. https://twitter.com/HotavioH/status/1514987935799652361?s=20&t=cBZMJ_uHuXFV1ejDZZf3-g
  6. The title entrance doesn’t copy over, even if you copy the entrance.
  7. Has anyone had the screen just go blue mid match? Like the HUDs disappear, the name/targeting still appears but everything else is just blue. It’s happened like 5 times, but not consistently.
  8. Does anyone know if setting 2 diving finisher works? As in, the supposed input for the 2nd slot finisher is to hold the finisher input, but in the case of diving finishers, holding the finisher input usually stalls the diving finisher animation (as in they stand up and “wait” until the input is released). I tried it with Ricochet, having set both 630 and Double Rotation Moonsault as finishers, but I think the double rotation Moonsault is bugged, since I couldn’t get the finisher (or signature) prompt for it to appear EDIT: 2nd finisher appears to work fine (Montez Ford has Five Star and the Rotating Frog Splash as finishers), it’s most likely just that Double Rotation Moonsault was the issue.
  9. I think it might just be the Hammerlock submission actually. I intended to use it as a “wear down” submission to work the arm, but when it’s locked in it just kinda stands there with no struggle.
  10. My problem with this though, is using "wear down" submissions. Like I gave Kushida the Hammerlock submission, as like a really early match attempt for a Hoverboard lock but now it's kinda a little pointless, since the guy just takes and holds it lifelessly. There's no struggle with the submission, until I guess it's getting closer to actually leading to a submission. Which is why I preferred the previous, constantly struggling submission system (and I do miss the wheel, just cuz it's so much more chaotic in nature)
  11. Is it just me, or did submissions lose the "struggle/sell" animations this year? Like submissions feel a bit flat, cuz once the hold is locked...they kinda just...hold position and doesn't struggle. Not sure if it's only on older submissions, don't recall if it's present in the newer submission moves.
  12. Kyle O'Reilly Combo 2 appears to be bugged. The moves that are initiated via Light then Heavy combo doesn't work. The heavy strike makes him turn and unable to connect the combo. The Light Light moves work fine, from what I recall.
  13. Is there somewhere we can complain to inform them of the “mistake”? I haven’t played Lashley again since my disappointment xD
  14. If you mean the slower version of the Regal-Plex, it appears to have been removed this year. Which is odd, since this is the year they brought Regal back. They also took out Lashley's Flipping Corner Spear, and I'm still really salty about that...since there's absolutely NO reason to take it out. It's a relatively new move (I wanna say it was added in 2k19, when Lashley was DLC) and the user of the move is still with the company, in a prominent position at that.
  15. I wanna say it's Grab then Light, to do limb targeting. Although limb targeting is limited to ground state.
  16. I think this is highly likely. I actually LIKE Righteous's movesets (though inaccurate, since there would be moves from the indies or used as a one off) and while I can see where his movesets are in the default, it also didn't seem to account how different the movesets are structured now (Like say the moves that were in his strong strikes don't immediately get mapped to a combo ender once you run out of slots in the current strong strike section). The movesets are just odd, since now grapples have what used to be strong strikes and such. Combo Enders also seem to just be pretty hit or miss (there's so much of that shoulder toss thing...) So yeah, the movesets are now a mix of "not accurate enough" but also not as "Here's all the moves they did at least once in their career" as it could be. It also appears that if he worked on it, he wasn't aware or wasn't informed of new animations (Morisson has a new running knee strike to a seated opponent, but what was equipped was the seated Penalty Kick from previous games which was the closest approximation)
  17. That's true, for a few seconds I thought it had something to do with the distance, but no it's just broken.
  18. I think Io Shirai’s moonsault can’t be used when facing away from the opponent. I’m not sure if it’s just the move, or if it’s set as finisher or what.
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