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  1. Is there a fix/way to solve the “need dlc” to download thing? I have all the dlc and purchase unlocked, yet I can’t download ryee’s John Morrison
  2. The hair dye issue is really bugging me. It messed up so many CAWs and I don't have the skill to fix them and I have no clue if the creators will fix them.
  3. The game has been much less fun this year with the sheer lack of high quality CAWs compared to last year at this time (attributed to the issues with the game making CAWing just brutal). But man your appearance into the scene is godsend. Starting with that amazing Edge, Ive been looking forward to each one of your CAWs and Ill continue looking forward to them.
  4. Thank you for the quick response! I also downloaded, I assume is the latest version of, Sandow and he looks amazing.
  5. Love Masters, he looks amazing. Although, Im not sure if its just me, but when I downloaded him, he doesnt seem to have a face texture.
  6. I've only tested out Cave-In so far, but that's been fixed so I'm assuming the others have been as well.
  7. Have people been able to get a pinfall with the new Cameron Grimes' Cave In pin combo? It appears glitched to me, if I use the pin combo it doesn't use up a finisher, and I'm not sure if it's a kick out or the player just lets go. I can get a pin and a finisher is used up, if I don't opt for the pin combo so I don't think it's just a normal kick out.
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