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  1. 07th Feb is the date for southpaw dlc bit weird for dlc to release on a Friday but we'll take it https://youtu.be/E4bjLKulEno
  2. Gene snitzky with the tag line "it wasn't my fault"
  3. Half the matches in universe mode even single one on one lags like hell and it's not even online lol
  4. This looks amazing dude any idea when he will be up?
  5. The logo colours still default in caw mode even though they said it had been fixed
  6. Hi NBK won't be back this year sorry but will upload his protege Braxton, tags are: BRAXTON, BPW, CAWS.WS
  7. Problem is the same for any CAW with ANY logo on it. The entrance won't load. Can't continue the MyCarerr mode thanks to this Have you got any logos using the lettering? I had the same problem until I deleted the lettering all other logos worked fine apart from a default colour glitch
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