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In Topic: Official WWE2K20 Discussion Thread

26 November 2019 - 10:06 AM

I can't justify £50 for the deluxe. I just can't.

In Topic: Former Dev: WWE 2K21 "not looking good, either"

25 November 2019 - 12:56 PM



It can't possibly be worse.

Backstage Assault...

 Just a shame that the PS2 version of B.A. (similar to how Alone In The Dark: A New Nightmare did it) was cancelled with the poor sales of PS1 port. And then WCW Mayhem 2 was cancelled due to WCW dying.


I believe they were one of the same. Backstage Assault 2 and WCW Mayhem 2 (as well as WCW  2000) were working titles for the PS2 game, which later went on to become Def Jam. 

In Topic: Patch WWE2K20: Version 1.03 released!

22 November 2019 - 10:13 AM

Very glad I skipped this game. It looks and sounds like an abomination.

I feel bad for 2K, but they brought it on themselves.

Same man (on the first bit)


I don't feel at all bad for 2K, though!

In Topic: The saddest part of 2K20 for me, you can tell where the devs gave a damn

19 November 2019 - 04:45 PM

The game is stillborn until creation mode is fixed, and glitches/crashes/resetting of universe mode and exhibition mode are fixed. Anything else is... crap, and a waste of development time. Such as zombies and monsters.. this isn't Mortal Kombat or WWE Immortals. Keep that crap in mobile games.


What is the most crap are story modes that you're going to play through once (myplayer, showcase, 2k originals), and forced grinding (towers, things locked behind prestige points, things split between fighter classes to force multiple tower run throughs).


It's an absolute sham that this is where the developmental time and effort has gone. I don't need things putting behind a time-grind mechanic to force me to spend more time with the game. I have creation modes, CC sharing servers and Universe Mode to accomplish this. Instead of Story Modes and Monsters, how about you spend time fixing glitches, and then pumping-up with new match types because the game is years out of date. 40 Man Greatest Royal Rumble, War Games, Survivor Series... If not match types, why not some better AI tuning? GM Mode, Story Designer Modes? etc. etc.


And a final unrelated thing... the 'poor 2K, Yukes left, bad Yukes' attitude people have is annoying. 2K have had the game since mid-way through WWE13. They've even had their 'rebuild' excuse with 2K15. What exactly have they been doing for 6 years since they got the license? The fact that they wanted to kick Yukes out of the party soo bad, and they rejoiced that Yukes could no longer tell them not to put zombies and monsters into the game, in Denk's video, is a complete disgrace.


Maybe, just maybe, if Create Modes and Exhibition/Universe Modes all worked without glitches and crashes; then people could ignore the zombies and monsters, and b.s. story modes like they used-to. We paid for an 'unlock all accellorator', afterall, don't we?


I'll even go one step further, maybe, just maybe, if those modes worked, people would begrudgingly set aside a few nights to blitz through those story modes and get them out of the way quickly, so they could use whatever content is trapped behind the wall.


But the fact that the game is a broken mess... yes, I'd say it's 'very clear' where the love has been put-in by 2K, and it freaking sucks.

You're pretty spot on dude.


Match Creator was a nice thing to have back, yet it's still nowhere near as good as the last gen version. I would have really liked to have seen this mode massively broadened, along with a ton of other things obviously.

In Topic: the next patch/DLC..................

19 November 2019 - 11:49 AM

No one knows dude.