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Save by RichieRich09

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1. Ultimate Warrior (JPdean/richierich09)*
2. Randy Savage (JPdean w/ hacks)
3. Rick Rude (JPdean)
4. Mr. Perfect
5. Razor Ramon (changed attire to Black and Gold)
6. Sgt Slaughter (Doctorrock)
7. Owen Hart (Nobody)
8. Jim Neidhart (Iceman)
9. Diesel
10. Undertaker (Bazatron?)*
11. Yokozuna (DefDave?)*
12. Animal (Redrum)
13. Hawk (Redrum)
14. \"All American\" Lex Luger (by Iceman?)*
15. Tatanka (Doctorrock)*
16. Roddy Piper (JPdean)
17. Doink (Doctorrock)
18. Big Bossman (by ?)*
19. I.R.S (Doctorrock)*
20. Sid Viscious (ManicH)
21. Papa Shango (by ?)*
22. Brutus “The Barber???? Beefcake (Tree24K/ManicH)
23. Earthquake (by ?)
24. Typhoon (by ManicH)
25. Smash (Redrum)
26. Ax (Redrum)
27. Bam Bam Bigelow (Kradiation)
28. Shawn Michaels (Wolfgang/richierich09) (blue attire)
29. Brian Knobs (dashX)
30 Jerry Sags (dashX)

-Everything unlocked including Jake Roberts
-Every CAW except Shawn Michaels and Lex Luger have \'Legend\' status.
-All CAWs have attributes and somewhat movesets.
-Entrances for all CAWs.
-Created Tag Teams, Created PPVs (Classic Matches III and Wrestlemania IX with Razor vs Savage like it was meant to be).
-Flair is WCW Champ, Hogan is champ, LOD and Demolition are Tag Champs, Mr. Perfect is IC champ
-CAW names and music need to be adjusted to your liking.

****Additional Hacks (go to options and load save again on PS2 only)****

- Hogan 80s is renamed Hulk Hogan.

- Jerry \"The King\" Lawler, HBK, Flair, Undertaker are legends and are relocated to Legend section.

- Vince McMahon is playable.

- Yokozuna is an Ultra Heavyweight

- Rock, Mankind, and Steve Austin are moved to active roster and are on Raw brand.

PSP Downloads:

Save Download Link

Download now (PAL)
Download now (NTSC)

These files are in max drive (.max) format in a zip file. You must use either windows XP, winzip or other zip utility to extract the file. If you need the save in another format such as X-Port, Codebreaker etc you will need to convert the save with PS2SaveBuilder
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