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SD! vs RAW 2006 Moves

Name ↓ Creator
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams ThugDemon
"Ironman" Curtis Stone Shatnerfanuk
"Primetime" Brian Lee (ECW) bazooka956
"The Angel" The Tytan KenWdart
"The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch The Whole Dam Show
'The Original' TNT suicidemessiah619
2 Cold Scorpio BigMiketheMOD
2 Cold Scorpio (ECW) bazooka956
50 Cent Newyorkkid
911 Cadia
A Train KatanaSoul
A-Trak (2) Show
1 Young Pimpin
2 Yung Pimpin
Abdullah the Butcher (Heel, Puro) BigMiketheMOD
Abyss (3) Show
1 Mccc301
2 Ricasho
3 DgG
Abyss (Finishers Only) (2) Show
1 Hinata237
2 bbgambini
Abyss (TNA) BigMiketheMOD
Ace Steel Notorious F.B.I
Adam Chambers Max the Great
Ahmed Johnson 'Pearl River Plunge' anferneenoah
AJ Styles (4) Show
1 Jeff Jarrett
2 RVD901
3 CoreyBell666
4 Ricasho
AJ Styles (Finisher Only) rwarren_3 a.k.a R.D.W
AJ Styles (ROH) BigMiketheMOD
AJ Styles (TNA) Liger
Akeem (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Akira Taue DragonFlame
Al Green (WCW) Shawn Stasiak Fan
Alex Sgro (3) Show
1 Alex Sgro
2 Alex Sgro
3 Alex Sgro
Alex Sgro 4 (Finishers Only) Alex Sgro
Alex Shelley (4) Show
1 CanadianDestroyer1
2 HaloOverHead
3 Ravnos
4 Mccc301
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