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Action Replay Max Codes
For Smackdown vs RAW 2006


All codes featured here are with full credit to Code X and the members there:
Code X:-

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Code List:

Official Codes - [PAL] ( codes)

Alien Wrestlers - (PAL)
Arena Modifiers - (PAL)

ECW Season - (PAL & NTSC)

Hair Hack (Change Body Hair to Hair Layer) - (PAL)
Hidden Character Unlockables - (NTSC & PAL)
Hyper Mode - (NTSC & PAL)

Idiot AI - (PAL & NTSC)
Instant Win Button Code - (PAL & NTSC)

Match Rule Modifiers - (PAL)
Maximum Cash - (PAL & NTSC)
Maximum Cash (GM Mode) - (PAL & NTSC)
Maximum Experience Points - (PAL & NTSC)
Maximum Pretige (For Created Belts) - (PAL & NTSC)
Maximum Teamwork Rating - (PAL & NTSC)
Money In The Bank Match - (PAL & NTSC)

"NEW" Logo Always Visible - (PAL & NTSC)
Nude Female CAWs - (NTSC)
Nude Female CAWs - (PAL)

Play As Female CAWs in any Match - (PAL)

Royal Rumble On/Off - (NTSC & PAL)

Show Modifiers - (PAL)
Show Modifiers - (NTSC)

Unlock Everything - (PAL)
Unlock Everything - (PAL Saveable)

Walk Through Walls - (PAL)
Walk Through Walls On/Off - (NTSC & PAL)

More available at Code X

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