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"The African Dream" Akeem
CAW by RudesBrood

Name: \"The African Dream\" Akeem
HUD: Akeem
Nick Name: \"The African Dream\"
Nick Name Placement: Prefix
Announcer Introduction: The Legend
Hometown: Parts Unknown (deepest, darkest Africa wasnt an option)
Gender: Male
Weight Class: Super HEavyweight (400lbs)
Match Tactics: Dirty
Show: your choice
Voice: your choice

[Head] 1
Head: (0,0,0,-31)
Eyebrows: (88,-29,-64,100)
Eyes: (-49,-60,39,-48,-34,-30,-11)
Nose: (0,-68,0,0,-99,1,84,-71)
Cheek: (92,8,100,55)
Mouth: (-99,27,-55,14,-34,91,-60)
Jaw: (100,66,-2,76,66,100)
Ear: (0,0,-35,0)
Age: (36)

Hair: #40 (93,55,19)
Eyes: #1 (84,63,35)
Eyebrows: #46/48 (94,47,45,100)
Lips :1 (98,50,50,28)
Face Skin: #2
Eyelids: default
Teeth: default

Body Type
Ripped <-> Thick:73

Advanced Options:
Head: (64,34,0)
Neck: (-99,100,100 )
Chest: (-7,53,56)
Shoulder: (72,51,100)
Abdomen: (3,47,20)
Waist: (58,80)
Arms: (82,36,21)
Hands: (37,13,7)
Legs: (45,75,29)
Feet: (0,0,0)

Body Skin: #9/9
Body Hair: #12/32 (95,50,50,56)
Body Height: 6\'9\"

Facial Hair/Mustache: 5/11 (95,47,45,100)
Facial Hair/Sideburns: 16/17 (95,47,45,100)
Facial Hair/Other: 5/25 (95,49,40,100)
Outfit/Tights: 5/20 (42,66,28,100,0)
Wristbands: 1/20 (40,73,31,100,91)
Shoes: 15/48 (86,91,47)
Outfit/Torso: 19/101, 1/45 (42,73,34)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/alphabet 1/18 smallest Horizontal, smallest Verticle spell out:
A F R I C A space out no wider than width of his neck, place at level of shirt ending on arm (87,50,50,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Design/Front 146/162 3rd largest Verticle,2nd smallest Horizontal
place along seam on neck V (89,63,80,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Design/Front 146/162 rotate 1, 3rd largest Verticle,2nd smallest Horizontal. place on other seam for neck V (89,63,80,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/alphabet 9/18: select the C, largest Horizontal, largest Verticle. Place on Left side of the first A in AFRICA (88,50,45,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/Japanese 2/14: row 1, box 1: rotate once, 2nd smallest Horizontal, largest Verticle. attach to the bottom of the previous design (88,50,50,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/alphabet 9/18: select the C, rotate 3,2nd largest Verticle, 2nd lagrest Horizontal. attach left portion to bottom portion of previous design (88,50,100,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/sign 1/8: 3rd row down, 5th box. 2nd largest Verticle, Largest Horizontal. attach bottom of design to previous design (88,50,45,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/alphabet 11/18: select the L, rotate 2, 2nd largest Verticle, 2nd largest Horizontal. attach bottom of design with top of previous design (88,50,45,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/alphabet 10/18: select the C, rotate 1, smallest Verticle, largest Horizontal. attach right side of design with left side of privious design (88,45,50,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/sign 1/8 4th row down, 6th box. rotate 1, largest horizontal, 2nd largest Verticle. place on top to complete the design. (88,45,50,100)
Outfit/Torso/Tattoo/Letter/Back/sign 1/8:

if you can hack cloths i would suggest placeing upside down V\'s on both sides of tights. see pic for help
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