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Bobby Lashley Moveset

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Ring-In: Jumping 1
Ring-Out: Normal
Right Analog Stick Down: Hold Up 2
Right Analog Stick Left: Taunt Powerful 5
Right Analog Stick Up: Hold Up 2
Right Analog Stick Right: Taunt Powerful 5
Fighting Stance: Outlaw
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal


Strike Attacks:
Down + X: Clothesline 3
Down Diagonal + X: Toe Kick 1
Left + X: Back Chop 4
Up Diagonal + X: Double Axe Handle 1
Up + X: Double Axe Handle 2
Right + X: Body Punch

Grapple Moves:
Circle: Suplex 11
Down + Circle: Back Chop 6
Left + Circle: Body Knee Strike
Up + Circle: Headlock 1
Right + Circle: Snapmare 2
Circle: Eye Rake 2
Down + Circle: Guillotine 1
Left + Circle: Feint Stomping
Up + Circle: Reverse Atomic Drop
Right + Circle: Low Blow 4
Circle: Abdominal Stretch 3
Down + Circle: Face Lock 2
Left + Circle: Headlock 4
Up + Circle: Bear Hug 2
Right + Circle: Armbar 5
<Category 1>: Brawler
<Moves 1>:
Circle: Back Club
Down + Circle: Last Call
Left + Circle: Headlock Punch 2
Up + Circle: Powerful Knee Strike 2
Right + Circle: Backbreaker 5
<Category 2>: Power
<Moves 2>:
Circle: Clothesline 20
Down + Circle: Gutbuster 1
Left + Circle: Gorilla Press Slam
Up + Circle: Suplex 9
Right + Circle: Body Press Drop FW
<Category 3>: Technical
<Moves 3>:
Circle: Gutwrench Suplex
Down + Circle: Side Slam 1
Left + Circle: Gutbuster 2
Up + Circle: Belly To Belly 4
Right + Circle: Double Arm Suplex 2
Grapple Attack:
1st: Grapple Punch 1
2nd:Grapple Punch 2
3rd: Grapple Body Attack 2

Grapple From Behind:
Circle: Atomic Drop
Down + Circle: Backbreaker 4
Left + Circle: Back Suplex 4
Up + Circle: DDT 18
Right + Circle: Forearm Smash
GY Circle: Full Nelson Slam 2
GY Down + Circle: Gutbuster 3
GY Left + Circle: Lifting
GY Up + Circle: Pumphandle Slam
GY Right + Circle: Sidewalk Slam 5

Top Of Cell Attack:
F Circle: Downward Thrust
F D-Pad + Circle: Downward Thrust
B Circle: Downward Thrust
B D-Pad + Circle: Downward Thrust


Strike Attacks:
X: Angry Stomp
Up/Down + X: Double Axe Handle 4
Left/Right + X: Elbow Drop 1
Grapple Moves:
U Left + Circle: Face Lock 1
U Up + Circle: Powerful Raise
U Right + Circle: Knee Attack 3
L Left + Circle: Kick To Groin
L Up + Circle: Leg Lock 7
L Right + Circle: Stomp On Leg


Strike Attacks:
GY X: Turnbuckle Clothesline 1
GY D-Pad + X: Running Shoulder Attack 1
U X: Knee Attack 1
Grapple Moves:
GY Circle: Clothesline 25
GY Down + Circle: Back Elbow Strike
GY Left + Circle: Knee Strike 3
GY Up + Circle: Superplex 1
GY Right + Circle: Shoulder Thrust 2
U D-Pad + Circle: Alley Oop 1
Grapple From Behind:
GY Circle: Toss Into Ring Post
GY Down + Circle: Forearm To Back
GY Left + Circle: Snake Eyes
GY Up + Circle: Turnbuckle Smash
GY Right + Circle: Super Back Suplex


Groggy On Ropes:
GY D-Pad + Circle: Running Knee Strike 1
Rebound Attack:
1st Triangle, X: Clothesline 11
2nd Triangle, X: Double Axe Handle 5
3rd Triangle, X: Vaulting Body Press 2
Diving Out Of Ring Attack:
Square, X: Vaulting Body Press 1


Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.:
Left + X: Double Axe Handle 3
Right + X: Diving Clothesline
Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.:
X: Diving Elbow
Down + X: Diving Elbow Drop
Up + X: Diving Fist Drop


Running Strikes:
X: Clothesline 5
D-Pad + X: Running Shoulder Attack 2
Running Grapple:
Down + Circle: Lou Thesz Press
Up + Circle: Spear 1
Rear Techniques:
Circle: Bulldog 2
GY Circle: German Suplex 6
Running Ground Attack:
Square, X: Double Axe Handle 5
Square + D-Pad + X: Elbow Drop 5
Counter Attack:
Circle: Hip Toss 4
Up/Down + Circle: Powerslam 1
Left/Right + Circle: Back Body Drop 2

***TAG TEAM***

Standing Tag Team:
Circle: Double Flapjack
Down + Circle: Double DDT
Left + Circle: Double Suplex
Up + Circle: Double Clothesline
Right + Circle: Double Beat Head
Corner Tag Team:
Circle: Kick To Gut 1
Down + Circle: Whip & Lay Down
Left + Circle: Double Stomping
Up + Circle: Hip Toss 3
Right + Circle: Body Splash & Whip


L1 (1st Finisher): Dominator
L1 (2nd Finisher): Spear 4
Signature Moves:
1st Move: Gorilla Press Slam
2nd Move: Gutbuster 3
3rd Move: Belly To Belly 4
Chair Finishers:
L1: DDT 23
D-Pad + L1: DDT 23
Combination Attack:
1st: Angle Punches (flip it horizontally)
2nd: Benoit Punches
3rd: Clothesline 3

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[quote name='Quoth The Raven' post='2057391' date='Jun 16 2007, 10:14 AM']What would you use for his new powerslam finisher? He rarely uses the dominator now and i cant find what to use[/quote]

I would use Oklahoma Slam or THUMP.

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