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Brock Lesnar moveset

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movest by edgesux192(no hacking device used)

Ring-in: Jumping 1
Ring-out: one handstand ring-out
Taunts: batista 3/powerful 6/powerful 1/powerful 6
Stance Powerful

Strike Attacks: clothesline 3/toe kick 1/body punch/double axe handle 2/clothesline 2/back chop 3
Quick: back club/fury punch 4/shoulder thrust/leg trip
Submission: (suplex 2) bear hug/face lock 2/torture rack/armbar 2
<Category 1> Power: (backbreaker) clothesline 20/powerful knee strike 1/clothesline 23/powerbomb 4
Clean: (oklahoma) gutbuster 2/suplex 7/side slam 1/scoop slam 4
Dirty: (oklahoma) low blow 3/low blow 5/low blow 4/eye rake 1
<category 2> Power: (lift up) backbreaker 4/backbreaker 7/belly to belly 3/german suplex 2
Grapple from behind: half nelson suplex/german suplex 5/backbreaker 10/sidewalk slam 4
Top of cell: it thrusts down 2x

Strike attacks: elbow drop 1/angry stomp/knee drop 2
Grapple moves: Knee attack 3/powerful raise/headlock 3/single leg crab 1/punch to groin/knee smash 2

Strike attacks: running shoulder attack 1/turnbuckle clothesline 2/knee attack
Grapple moves: clothesline 25/superplex 2/knee strike/double underhook suplex
Grapple from behind: rebound suplex/side slam 2/spider suplex(set up move for shooting star press)/super tornado bomb
Sitting corner grapple: pushes turnbuckle

Groggy on ropes: choke 3
Rebound attack: clothesline 15/running leg drop/vaulting body press 2
Diving out of ring attack: dive through ropes

Stand diving: diving spear/double axe handle 3
Down diving: diving elbow/shooting star press 1/diving elbow drop

Running strikes: shoulder block 2/clothesline 15
Running grapple: spear 2/running sto
Grapple from behind: German suplex 6/bulldog 5
Crouching attack:double axe handle 5/running leg drop
Counter attack: powerslam 2/spinebuster 3


Finishers: cyclone 2/cyclone 1
Signature moves: knee attack 3/backbreaker 4/shooting star press 1
Chair finishers: chair ddt/chair guillotine
Combination attack: punch to head/body punch(reversed)/clothesline 2

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it suks that they still dont have a good fisherman suplex but good set id ay around a 9
except for the leg drop when the heck did lesnar use a legdrop ?

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