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PS3 Logos disappearing after moving save to another console

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hi, I just got off a grueling process of transferring my save from my OFW PS3 console via PSN+ cloud to my friends' CFW console. Then I got to the multiman FTP and transferred WWE 2k14 save onto a USB stick. Save size was ~187 MB and had all the files that are usually there including logos.dat.


Then using this method I unlocked my save data - http://thewrestlinglegendsforum.com/forum/thread-13513.html


and I intended to copy that unlocked save on my other CFW console via XMB.


I load the game, CAWs are there - good. tropies are gone but whatever. then I go to custom logo - error pops up "In order to use custom logo a custom logo save data must first be created. would you like to create one now?" HOW COME????


and now when I try to edit my old CAWs = they are stripped of used logos.


I exited the game. used multiman to copy that single logos.dat file from usb stick.


relaunch the game - still the same problem. how can I fix this???


I'll just go over gamesave travel once again. 1. OFW console to PSN+ cloud. 2. Friends' CFW console connects to my PSN+ cloud, downloads save. 3. I use multiman FTP to copy save to usb. 4. I bring the save home, I resign it and copy it to hdd on my other CFW console and when game launched logos are missing.


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