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Few questions about logos and Finn Balor entrances...

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Is there a way to edit custom logos in game that were downloaded from cc or from caws? Last year there was an option that allowed you to change colors and modify them while creating, but I don't see it anymore when I am adding logos to my caws.


Also I am have a few issues with Finn Balor...Is there no way to make a duplicate caw of his demon form and make it an alternate attire for him like you can for everyone else? I created one but it did not show up as one of his alt. options, I had to create him as a completely separate CAW. On top of that I created two attires for that same demon Balor CAW but when I tried to select him for a match, only his first attire is showing up?


And when I attempted to make alternate attires of his normal base form, the the first CAW slot's entrance would be play as his normal entrance, but his second attire's entrance defaults to his chainsaw demon entrance...Is there a way to change it so that they both play the same entrance or does his second attire always automatically default to his demon entrance?

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