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[Direct Download] Full CAWs roster WWF 90's

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WWF 90's MOD FOR WWE 2K15 [PC]

This MOD is created and compiled by fans for fans and open to suggestions, critics, etc...

This is version 0.9 of the MOD that features full roster and musics but that does not feature the titantrons and the right names of the musics in the creation menu. Version 1.0 of the MOD will include titantrons and correct music names in-game and will be available soon. It will be updated when changes are done to the CAWs (movesets, stats, etc...) since not all of them are 100% complete or accurate.

Suggested Bonus Superstars to use from orginal Roster?:
André The Giant (why not), Bam Bam Bigelow, Col. Mustafa, General Adnan, Honky Tonk Man, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Rck Rude, Sgt. Slaughter, Ultimate Warrior 88-96, Undertaker '91.

Thanks go to?:

Wholefnjobber for Titantrons work to come.

CAWs makers that have been credited next to their creatons in Chapter II.

You who will play this and hopefully enjoy and comment?!




WWE 2K15 - WWF 90s MOD v0.9.zip


My creations
The Brooklyn Brawler (hey, we need a jobber to have fun !)
Brutus Beefcake
The Narcissist Lex Luger
Papa Shango
Rick Steiner (Rainbow zebra attire)
Scott Steiner (Rainbow checkerboard attire / Blue and Black attire)

Others creations that I have tweaked
Adam Bomb (have redone the face, added tattoo, added the rivets on the gloves) by schakka
Animal (worked on his hair to have the mohawk style) by savessh
Brian Knobbs (added tattoo, morphed a bit) by jerk_knight
The British Bulldog (have done full attire and adjusted moveset) by lyubov.moroz.2013
Doink (changed finisher) by Curtwag84
Double J Jeff Jarrett (white and gold attire by me) by Norulf
Greg Valentine (morphed a bit) by Carlzilla
Hercules Hernandez (morphed and added a custom face) by officemonk
Jerry Sags (added tattoo, morphed a bit) by jerk_knight
Koko B. Ware (changed facial hair, morphed a bit) by mathewhall
Rowdy Rody Piper (morphed a bit) by jackman_logan
Shawn Michaels (have redone the face) by Carlzilla
Tatanka (added hair pattern, changed finisher) by Eruptos
The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase (morphed a bit) by [HSW]Duddnkarl
Virgil (morphed a bit) by [HSW]Duddnkarl

Other creations untouched
1-2-3 Kid by Eruptos
Barbarian by Carlzilla
The Big Boss Man by jerk_knight
Bret Hart by louevil76
Crush by [HSW]Duddnkarl
Earthquake by R4zoR
El Matador Tito Santana by Carlzilla
Fatu by unknown (not on CC anymore)
Haku by Carlzilla
Hawk by savessh
I.R.S. by [HSW]Duddnkarl
Jake The Snake Roberts by mathewhall
Jim Hacksaw Duggan by Carlzilla
Jim Neidhart by louevil76
Kamala by R4zoR
Marty Jannetty by Carlzilla
The Mountie by Norulf
Mr Perfect by louevil76
Owen Hart by gevaudan
Razor Ramon by schakka
Rick Martel by Eruptos
Samu by unknown (not on CC anymore)
Sid Justice (hack) by [HSW]Duddnkarl
Texas Tornado by Carlzilla
Typhoon by * Danvari *
Vader by willy20158
Warlord by Carlzilla
Yokozuna by R4zoR

The Headshrinkers?: Fatu & Samu
The Legion of Doom?: Animal and Hawk
Money Inc.?: Ted Dibiase & I.R.S. (+ Virgil)
The Nasty Boys?: Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags
The Natural Disasters?: Earthquake & Typhoon
The Powers of Pan?: Barbarian & Warlord
The Rockers?: Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels
Rythm 'n' Blues?: Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine
The Steiner Brothers?: Rck Steiner & Scott Steiner

Musics list

123 Kid ? Ballad of a Champion
Adam Bomb ? Ballad of a Samurai
Bret Hart ? Big Muscle
British Bulldog ? Brittania (Game's version)
Brooklyn Brawler ? Brimstone
Brutus Beefcake ? Bubblegum Pop
Crush ? Exteme Brutality
Doink ? Fever Pitch
Double J ? Fight Music
El Matador ? Grind Harder
Greg The Hammer Valentine ? Hail to the Chief
Hacksaw Jim Duggan ? Into the Light
Haku ? Jubilation
Hercules Hernandez ? La Marseillaise
IRS ? Palermo
Jake Roberts ? Regality
Jim Neidhart ? Running of the Bulls
Kamala ? Adrian Neville
Koko b. Ware ? Tahiti Funk
Mr. Perfect ? The Dragon's Rise
Narcissist Lex Luger ? The Nomad
Natural Disasters Earthquake ? The Outbreak
Natural Disasters Typhoon ? The Outbreak
Owen Hart ? The Phantom
Papa Shango ? The Sound of Metal
Powers of Pain Barbarian ? The Top Diva
Powers of Pain Warlord ? The Top Diva
Razor Ramon ? Unstoppable
Repo Man ? Whimsicality
Rick The Model Martel ? Wrath
Road Warriors / Legion of Doom Animal ? AJ Lee
Road Warriors / Legion of Doom Hawk ? AJ Lee
Rowdy Roddy Piper ? Emma
Sid Justice ? Alberto Del Rio
Tatanka ? Lana
Ted Dibiase ? Better Have My Money
Texas Tornado ? Summer Rae
The Big Boss Man ? Tamina Snuka
The Headshrinkers Fatu ? The Bella Twins
The Headshrinkers Samu ? The Bella Twins
The Mountie ? Fandango
The Nasty Boys Knobbs ? Justin Gabriel
The Nasty Boys Sags ? Justin Gabriel
The Rockers Marty Jannetty ? R-Truth
The Rockers Shawn Michaels ? R-Truth
The Steiner Brothers Rick ? Santino Marella
The Steiner Brothers Scott ? Santino Marella
Vader ? Darren Young
Virgil ? Adam Rose
Yokozuna ? Spiritual Chants

Some pictures :

Screenshots of some of my creations / tweaks :
The British Bulldog

Double J – Jeff Jarrett

Scott Steiner

Rick Steiner (with real tats)

Papa Shango

The Narcissist – Lex Luger

The Brooklyn Brawler

Brutus Beefcake

Legion of Doom - Hawk

Shawn Michaels

Adam Bomb

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This is awesome man! I will help with the music. I even figured out how to mod the names of the themes in the game as well as the titantrons. Send me a PM and we can start working it out.

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Hey Wholefnjobber ! Thanks for joining the project !


Like I told you by MP I took care of injecting the music in the Game_Sound_M.pck file today but your help for titantrons is very welcome and if you can also modifiy in-game names of the music it will be great ! Tomorrow I will modify the CAWs tomorrow to give them the right musics.


I have created a google account where the content will be hosted and available by email invitation so people who are interested in this save can send me a PM.


Music list is available on the first post !

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Yup ! You're right for The Rockers and Haku. I will work around Shawn Michaels a little I think andbmay do an alt attire.


For Virgil, there was only one on CC and looks like the one on your topic !

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I never made a Virgil. There was already a good one on the CC. The only time I've ever bothered to do my own versions of wrestlers are when I want a totally separate 2nd attire. Like Tito or Jake Roberts or Dusty Rhodes.

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I said it in the other thread, but in case you don't check it, I think that face for Shawn is way off. It bares very little resemblance to him in my opinion. I'll stick with my version.

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Hello, I have a question about this mod. I bought a game 2k15 yesterday just for this mod - it is supposed to be a gift to my older brother, who was a bin fan of wrestling in 80ies i 90ies! When downloading it, I din't realise the 2k15 servers are not working. I downloaded a mod and installed as it was written in instructions, but it doesn't work - there's the music, special entrances of the characters, but characters are almost naked, without "personal" face etc. When I select one of these new characters, the message appears: "save failded. system storage access error occurred". to you have any idea if it's connected with the fact the servers are not working? Any ideas what to do? It is very important for me, I really would like to to this surprise to my brother, he's very ill now and I know "taking him" to his childhood world would help him a lot. Please help if you can :)

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