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Angel With The Burnt Wings

IWC - Internet Wrestling Champions!

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Welcome to Internet Wrestling Champions. My vision is to gather like minded individuals to create a revolutionary new online show. I plan to gather a roster of PC WWE 2K15 gamers, to compete against each other, eventually (hopefully) for cash prizes. All this, to be streamed live for audiences around the world to watch, and ride the emotional roller coaster of professional wrestling. Your dream to be a wrestler is now a virtual reality!

I have many thoughts about how this can grow and grow, but I will start at step one. I will pick six applicants and the first show will be booked. A few days before the show, you will be required to post a promo on your upcoming opponent. Then each opponent will be asked to submit a promo in response to these videos, creating 2 promos each. This will build up an audience for the live fight (and the recorded version on YouTube).

Retired/Deceased wrestlers banned
John Cena is banned
During promo's, you cannot refer to it being a game.
You must have a YouTube channel which shows you engaging with an audience (Lets Plays, Reviews, etc.) to be applicable.
Permission to turn must be gained from management.

If you think you have what it takes, copy and paste the application form below, and fill it in exactly as it is. You have to be willing to talk cut promos, you must be reliable, honest and experienced with the WWE game series. When choosing your wrestler, remember you must be that character during promos. An even split of face and heels will be assigned to begin with, allowing turns later on with permission from management.


Include atleast 2 ingame characters. Post screenshot of CAW if using.
*First Choice:
*Second Choice:
*Third Choice:
Fourth Choice:

*Steam Name:
(Add JAYMEETEE on Steam for verification)
*YouTube Channel:
(Share a link to this thread on your YT timeline for verification)

If you are chosen, you will be contacted by me on this forum, YouTube or Steam. smile.gif

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