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Various types of AI "Shenanigans"

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The AI can send someone in as interference during a triple-threat match, and they will attempt a finisher on you, while one of the two AI opponents attempts a pinfall on the other. While you're countering the finisher (or eating canvas, if your timing is off), the ref is attending to the pinfall situation. You most likely won't have time to break up the pin.


Also, the AI can actually disable your CPU-controlled partner's ability to exit the ring, drawing the DQ. Conversely, although it doesn't happen as often, it can affect the opposing team, as well.


The AI can actually change whom you target at will, even if the targeting system is set to manual. More often than not, it will be so you attack the referee or your tag partner. It can also affect the AI, but it's usually another AI wrestler that makes it happen.


The AI is also adept at drawing the DQ by attacking your manager during any match with DQs active involving managers. Sometimes, the manager will actually counter the opponent's move, rather than simply dodge it, drawing the DQ. The AI KNOWS this, and will exploit it on rare occasion.


Normally, it takes three referee distractions to cause an AI manager to be ejected from ringside. However, I've wrestled in matches where it took up to FIVE such distractions before the referee finally gave the ejection order.


Other times, the referee will simply eject the manager (even BOTH managers, if there is one for each side), before three distractions occur on either side (or even combined).


Also, it's theoretically possible to be swerved up to FOUR times during a single match: before the match, then TWICE during a match (run-in occurs, you eat a finisher but then you toss the run-in out, then the during-match run-in cutscene occurs), then again after a match (usually involves someone running in and bashing a steel pipe across your back). I've never been swerved this many times at once (the most I've suffered is three), but it IS theoretically possible.


The AI can time its finisher attempt so precisely, that even if you turbo the reversal button (so it's hitting 60 times per second), the AI will STILL be able to hit its finisher BETWEEN frames!


The AI can cancel or buffer its finisher, in order to make it counter-proof. When this happens, it looks like the AI attempts to grapple you but "misses", then hits their (counter-proof) finisher, due to a bug in the game's programming involving hit detection.


The AI will cause the game to freeze if it swerves you, but you managed to earn your own finisher and attempt to use it on them "in revenge", before they use their finisher on you.


It is impossible to use a signature move if an AI ally runs in to help you, and is equipped with a signature move icon. I'm unsure if it applies to the AI run-in help, as well. Once you earn a finisher, though, you can use it at will (provided the AI doesn't counter it, of course).


If the AI attempts to start a jab combo on you (what I call either the "spam combo" or "speedbag session"), and you back away in time, they'll continue to jab at thin air, sometimes for up to a dozen missed strikes (Shawn Michaels is especially notorious for this--jab, chop, jab, chop, wash, rinse, repeat).


Also, if the AI attempts its strike combo on you but you back away in time, it will still attempt to perform the combo on the air in front of them.



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