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World Championship Wrestling 2015 | WCW Thunder #1 Results | New WCW Light Heavyweight Champion

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After fourteen years of almost no competition, Vince McMahon and the WWE now have a strong rival on the horizon with the revival of WCW. After the appearance of Shane McMahon, Eric Bischoff and Bill Goldberg during an episode of Monday Night RAW in May 2014, during which an angry Goldberg and Bischoff assaulted CM Punk and Shane McMahon before painting "WCW" in black paint on the ring, there was hushed speculation of WCW making it's return. Then, in July, CM Punk announced his departure from the WWE and began appearing in commercials aired during episodes of Monday Night RAW, alongside Bill Goldberg, Trish Stratus, Rhino, Scott Steiner and Rob Van Dam. The commercial would feature these superstars training in a dark gym in slow motion, with cuts of them performing their finishing moves in between each transition. It would then end with the WCW logo flashing on the screen.

By November 2014, the revival of World Championship Wrestling was made official with the launch of WCW.com. Shane McMahon had bought the company off of Vince McMahon midway through 2014 for an undisclosed price, and had been taking the rest of the year to bring in staff members and workers, and to set up the TV shows and pay-per-views. Several high profile superstars such as Jeff Hardy, Amy Dumas and AJ Lee had been officially made part of the WCW roster in December, and on the same day the date of the opening show was set: 01/01/15.

With the new year brings a new breed of wrestling, and a new challenger for the WWE's throne. WCW failed their invasion of the WWE in 2001, but as a separate company who will win the battle for ratings? Does Shane McMahon have what it takes to overthrow his father, or will Vince McMahon come out on top once more? Only time will tell.

Article written by suckeRPunch for Wrestling101.com, 28/12/14




(Face - Tweener - Heel )

Adam Copeland

Charlie Haas

Eric Bischoff

Eve Torres

Jonathan Coachman

Mick Foley

Shane McMahon (Owner)


(Face - Tweener - Heel )

Amy Zidian

Cherry Bomb

Karen Jarrett (Managing Jerry Jarrett)



(Face - Tweener - Heel )

[© indicates champion]


Adam Cole

AJ Lee ©



Amber O'Neal

Amy Dumas

Amy Hennig

Angel del oro

Ashley Massaro

Austin Aries

Ayako Hamada

Barbie Blank

Bill Goldberg

Black Serpent

Brian Kendrick

Bubba Ray


Candice Michelle

Chavo Guerrero


Chii Tomiya

Chris Hero

Chris Jericho

Chris Joel

Chris Masters

Chris Sabin

Christopher Daniels

Chuck Taylor


CM Punk

Colin Delaney

Dasher Hatfield


Eli Cottonwood

Gail Kim

Halcon Guerrero


Jay Lethal


Jeff Hardy

Jeff Jarrett


Jimmy Jacobs


Justin Credible

Justin Gabriel


Kharn Alexander

Kurt Angle

L.A. Par-K

La Sombra


Low Ki

Maria Kanellis

Matt Hardy

Mickie James

Mini Monster Clown

Mini Murder Clown

Mini Psicosis

Mini Psycho Clown

Monster Clown

Murder Clown


Paige ©

Paul Burchill

Paul London

Player Dos

Player Uno


Psycho Clown

Puma King



Rey Mysterio ©


Rima Fakih

Rob Van Dam


Samoa Joe

Scott Steiner

Scott The Hotty

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Shaul Guerrero

Shelton Benjamin

Sin Cara

Sinn Bodhi


Stacy Keibler

Stevie Richards


Taryn Terrell

Ted DiBiase



Torrie Wilson

TR Punk

Trish Stratus

UltraMantis Black



Tag Teams

AJ and Paige - AJ Lee and Paige

London and Kendrick - Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Los Cancerberos - Cancerbero and Raziel

Mini Psycho Circus - Mini Monster Clown and Mini Murder Clown/Mini Monster Clown and Mini Psycho Clown/Mini Murder Clown and Mini Psycho Clown

Psycho Circus - Monster Clown and Murder Clown/Monster Clown and Psycho Clown/Murder Clown and Psycho Clown

Super Smash Bros - Player Dos and Player Uno

Team 3D - Bubba Ray and Devon


The Dark Carnival - Sinn Bodhi, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown, Mini Monster Clown, Mini Murder Clown, Mini Psycho Clown


WCW World Heavyweight Title

Current Holder - Vacant

Previous Holder - N/A

WCW Light Heavyweight Title

Current Holder - Rey Mysterio

Previous Holder - N/A

WCW Tag Team Titles

Current Holders - Vacant

Previous Holders - N/A

WCW Television Title

Current Holder - Vacant

Previous Holder - N/A

WCW Women's Title

Current Holder - Vacant

Previous Holder - N/A

WCW Women's Tag Team Titles

Current Holders - AJ Lee and Paige

Previous Holders - N/A


WCW Monday Night NITRO! - Michael Cole and Todd Grisham

Prime Time, Monday Nights on Fox

WCW Thunder - Jim Ross and Warren Michaels

Prime Time, Thursday Nights on Fox

WCW Power Hour - Warren Michaels and Todd Grisham

Late Night, Sundays on Fox


PPV Announcers - Jim Ross and Warren Michaels

January 24th- S!N

February 22nd - Starcade

March 29th - Uncenscored

April 26th- Spring Stampede

May 31st- Slamboree

June 28th - The Great American Bash

July 26th - GREED

August 30th - Bad Blood

September 20th - Road Rage

October 25th- Halloween Havoc

November 29th - Mayhem

Sunday 27th - SuperBrawl I


WCW Development Center


(Face - Tweener - Heel)

Barrett Brown

Chrissy Rivera

Colin Cassady

Finn Balor



Hideo Itami

JoJo Offerman


Kyle Sykes

Lionel Knight

Nikki St. John

Noam Dar


Owen Sound

Parry Sound

Pequeno Guerrero

Rich Swann

Ryan Kidd

Sasha Banks

Tommy Treznik


Tag Teams

Incoherence - Frightmare and Hallowicked

Sound Brothers - Owen Sound and Parry Sound

The Batiri - Komada and Obariyon




StarMine Heavyweight Title

Current Holder - Hideo Itami

Previous Holder - N/A

StarMine Tag Team Titles

Current Holders - Incoherence

Previous Holders - N/A

StarMine Women's Title

Current Holder - Sasha Banks

Previous Holder - N/A

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I'm sorry but this needs a better backstory than the one that you've written. Edge is back wrestling even though he retired way before 2015 due to being medically unclear on being able to wrestle. CM Punk is in the company even though he's moved into UFC? Several WWE guys are part of the company without any explanation of how they ended up there, i know that this is supposed to be fantasy and all that but at least give some understanding to how this happened other than Bischoff started up WCW again (oh and WCW is owned by WWE so how did he get that back?)

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WCW Thunder

Live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

01/01/15 Preview

March 21st 2001 marks the date that World Championship Wrestling opened it's doors to the public for what was thought to be the last time. Now, almost fourteen years later, WCW is back and it's back with a bang! Broadcast on FOX, WCW Thunder has been completely revamped for 2015, featuring "Wish" by Alien Ant Farm as theme music and Jim Ross and Warren Michaels as the commentary team.


Kicking the night off we'll see Lightning, Hyde, Thunder and Jeckles compete in a fatal four way. Shane McMahon has sanctioned four fatal four way match-ups over the next few weeks, with the winner of each match facing each other at S!N for the WCW Television Title. With that number one contendership up for grabs, it's safe to assume that these four men will be giving it their all tonight.


From one end of the card to the other, the WCW Light Heavyweight Title is up for grabs in a no disqualification triple threat match between CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. All three of these men have held prestigious gold before in their careers, and with WCW's coveted Light Heavyweight Title on the line this match is set to be a good one.


Also on the card the WCW Women's Tag Team Titles will be fought for in a triple threat tag team match between AJ Lee and Paige, Maria Kanellis and Mickie James and Candice Michelle and Gail Kim, and Austin Aries will take on Vampiro in a singles match.


Confirmed Matches

Fatal Four Way Match

Lightning v Hyde v Thunder v Jeckles


Singles Match

Austin Aries v Vampiro


WCW Women's Tag Team Title Match

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

AJ Lee and Paige v Maria Kanellis and Mickie James v Candice Michelle and Gail Kim


WCW Light Heavyweight Title Match

No Disqualification Triple Threat Match

CM Punk v Jeff Hardy v Rey Mysterio




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WCW Thunder

Live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia



A video plays, showcasing old moments in WCW history. The footage is cut with shots of superstars that were not previously involved in WCW performing high risk moves. At the end of the video, the WCW logo flashes on the screen briefly before a countdown begins from five. After the countdown, “Wish” by Alien Ant Farm begins playing over the PA system as black and blue fireworks erupt from the stage and turnbuckles. The camera pans around a sold out Philips Arena before focusing on Jim Ross and Warren Michaels at ringside.


Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WCW Thunder! I am extremely proud to say that I'm Jim Ross and I'll be joined tonight at ringside by Warren Michaels, Warren.


Warren Michaels: Folks tonight is a very special night as we welcome back World Championship Wrestling for the first time in almost fourteen years! Everyone's excited Jim, and I'm no exception sitting here at ringside eagerly awaiting the main event.


Jim Ross: CM Punk versus Jeff Hardy versus Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship right here tonight in the main event, a match that will have everybody sitting right at the edge of their seats I'm sure.


Suddenly, “Here Comes The Money” by Naughty by Nature blasts over the PA and bright white and gold fireworks sizzle over the titantron as Shane McMahon enters the stage, the sold out crowd cheering wildly. He dances his way down the ramp and into the ring, showboating on the ropes for a while as the crowd gets the cheering out of their system. He finally grabs a microphone from ring announcer Leigh Ann and the crowd quietens down.


Shane McMahon: What is up Atlantaaaaa?!


The crowd pops and Shane raises his arms, bouncing on the middle rope for a second and catering to the cheers.


Shane McMahon: It's taken four years to get this company to rise back up from it's ashes; buy it back from my father, Vince McMahon-


The crowd boo loudly, causing Shane to smile midway through his sentence.


Shane McMahon: -, hire all of these wonderfully talented wrestlers that we have on the roster, and the backstage workers too, none of this would be accomplishable without them. But there's somebody that I need to mention who's done more to help with the revival of this company than anybody else. A person who, without their contribution, all of this would be nothing. So without dragging it on any further, come on down here Mick Foley!


The crowd pop louder than before, but no music hits the PA. After a brief moment of silence from the speakers, “Running With The Bulls” by Dale Oliver echoes through the stadium and Eric Bischoff takes to the stage with a microphone in hand. The crowd is unsure weather to cheer or boo.


Shane McMahon: What are you doing Eric, where's Mick?


Eric Bischoff: Sorry Shane, but Mick couldn't be here tonight. He sends his most heartfelt apologies, though.


Bischoff motions to the titantron, where the screen comes to life showing Mick Foley chained to a radiator somewhere backstage. He's bleeding from the forehead. The crowd boo and Eric Bischoff laughs as he begins walking down to the ring.


Eric Bischoff: See, it would've been all well and good for Mick Foley to come down here, to come down here and to take all of the credit for an accomplishment that was actually mine. You're forgetting something, Shane; I am the one who came to you with the idea of the revival. I am the one who signed the papers with you, hell, I'm the one who, just like you, has the fancy WCW co-owner bragging rights.


Shane is circling the ring and Eric Bischoff is now at the ring steps, climbing up. The crowd is booing loudly, as Eric gets into the ring.


Shane McMahon: Bischoff, I told you when we made the deal that this was going to be MY company. You said that you were fine with tha-


Eric Bischoff: We never agreed on that Shane and you know it! There's no use trying to save face in front of all of your little sheep, watching from their seats out there or on their fat asses at home!


Shane and Bischoff are in each others' faces now, and the crowd is booing furiously at Bischoff.


Eric Bischoff: And another thing, wh-


Before he can say another word, Shane McMahon clocks him in the side of the head with his microphone causing the crowd to pop and go crazy. Bischoff slides out of the ring under the bottom rope clutching his head, heading for the ramp, and Shane climbs the top rope, throwing his microphone at Bischoff and yelling.


Jim Ross: Oh my God, Shane McMahon just sent Eric Bischoff running like a dog!


Warren Michaels: Something tells me that this is just going to escalate, Jim. Don't go anywhere folks, after the break we have a fatal four way match for a shot at the WCW Television Championship!



Jim Ross: Welcome back to WCW Thunder, if you're just tuning in here's what you missed before the commercial break, Eric Bischoff tried to insult WCW chairman Shane McMahon and the WCW audience, only for Shane to attack him with a microphone!


A video plays of the Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff incident before the ads.


Warren Michaels: Eric's going to have something to say about that Jim, there's no way he's going to let this one slide.


Jim Ross: I've got a bad feeling you're right, Warren, a really bad feeling. Coming up next the first match of the night, a fatal four way match between Lightning, Thunder, Jeckles and Hyde. The winner of the match will face off against three other winners of separate fatal four way matches for the WCW Television Title at S!N later this month.


Warren Michaels: I'm excited for this match, I'm really rooting for a Hyde victory tonight.

The camera cuts to Hyde walking backstage towards the arena and the crowd give a little cheer, when the lights in the hallway he is in cut out and the crowd scream. When the lights come back on, Hyde is on the ground with the top of his mask ripped open and blood streaming down his face. He has a black clown nose stuck onto his nose, and green clown hair stuck on the side of his head. The camera cuts back to the ring, where Leigh Ann is looking confused, as Hyde was about to be called to the ring. She receives a card, and after reading the contents to herself she raises her microphone.


Leigh Ann: Ladies and gentlemen, what was scheduled to be a one fall fatal four way match up has been rescheduled as a one fall triple threat match! Introducing first...

Match One

Triple Threat Match

Lightning v Thunder v Jeckles

Thunder is straight at Lightning, slamming him into the canvas with a powerful fireman slam. He turns to go for Jeckles, but Jeckles bounces straight out of the ring through the middle of the ropes. Thunder goes for a leg drop on Lightning but Lightning rolls out of the way, bouncing off the ropes and flooring Thunder with a dropkick to the chest. As Lightning is getting up, Jeckles appears from out of nowhere with a flying elbow, hitting both Lightning and Thunder. Jeckles scrambles for a pin on Lightning, who kicks out at the 2 count. Jeckles gets to his feet, but is grabbed by Thunder and dropped with a Rude Awakening neckbreaker. He goes for the cover but Jeckles gets his shoulder up at 2, and as Thunder is standing Lightning kicks him in the gut. Jeckles rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope, hiding under the ring apron as Lightning waits for Thunder to straighten up, wrapping a hand around his throat. The crowd cheer as Lightning executes a Chokeslam, covering for the 3 count and the victory.

Winner – Lightning

As Lightning celebrates on the top rope, the lights cut out and the crowd scream once again. When the lights turn back on, Lightning is surrounded by three miniature, scary looking clowns. Suddenly, Lightning is hit from behind by Jeckles with a steel chair, and the three mini clowns begin their assault. The crowd boo loudly as creepy carnival music begins playing over the PA as the assault continues, and the camera cuts to Jim Ross and Michael Warren.


Jim Ross: I did NOT see that coming! Who are these three clowns, and are they working for Jeckles? What's going on?


Warren Michaels: I don't know Jim but those clowns are definitely the scariest things I've seen in quite a long time! Just like at their faces!

The camera cuts backstage to Todd Grisham holding a microphone, stood next to Austin “The Truth” Aries. The crowd goes wild as the camera pans in closer. There is a few steel chairs set up around them, along with a trash can full of 2x4's, metal bats, kendo sticks and other weapons.


Todd Grisham: Jim, Warren, I'm backstage with Austin Aries who has a singles match later on this evening against Vampiro. Austin, are you nervous?


Austin Aries: You know Todd, I was, all of last night I was racking my brains trying to think of the easiest way to win this match up against Vampiro tonight, and even this morning too, just trying to think of the easiest, safest way to win this match up against Vampiro. And then just before I got here, it hit me, what I needed to do.


Austin puts his foot up on one of the nearest steel chairs, and the crowd pops. He pulls a kendo stick out of the trash can and smacks the leg of the chair.


Austin Aries: I went and I asked management if this match up could be a Hardcore Match, and management agreed. Todd, you shouldn't be asking me if I'm nervous. I should be asking Vampiro if he's nervous.


He beckons for the camera to come closer, then he grabs the edges of it, pulling it towards his face.


Austin Aries: So, Vampiro; are you nervous?


Jim Ross: Austin Aries means business tonight Warren, it's evident that he's here to cause Vampiro some serious pain.


Warren Michaels: Indeed Jim, and that match is coming up later on tonight, but after the commercial break the WCW Women's Tag Team Titles will be up for grabs in a triple threat tag team match!


~ commercial ~



The scene fades in displaying a video of various times Jeff Hardy, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio have met in the ring, hyping their main event match up later on. After the video, the camera pans around the sold out Philips Arena before settling on Jim Ross and Warren Michaels.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to WCW Thunder, if you're joining us tonight for the revival show you'll know what an exciting, shocking show it's been.


Warren Michaels: Shane McMahon beating Eric Bischoff with a microphone, Hyde getting ambushed on his way to his match, three scary midget clowns and Jeckles attacking the winner of the match, Lightning, and Austin Aries changing the stipulation of his match with Vampiro from a Singles Match to a Hardcore Match!


The camera moves to Leigh Ann in the center of the ring, and the lights begin to dim.


Leigh Ann: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is a triple threat tag team match for the WCW Women's Tag Team Titles, and is for one fall! Introducing first...

Match Two

WCW Women's Tag Team Title Match

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

AJ Lee and Paige v Maria Kanellis and Mickie James v Candice Michelle and Gail Kim

Mickie James and Candice Michelle are at one another instantly, Candice dropping Maria with a dropkick before standing her up and delivering some chops to the midsection. She drags Maria over to her corner and tags Gail Kim in, all the while AJ Lee watching in her corner with Paige. Candice throws Maria on the ground and leaves the ring as Gail Kim flies off the top rope with an elbow drop. She picks Maria up, irish whipping her into the ropes, knocking Candice Michelle off of the ring apron in the process, and going for a clothesline which Maria ducks, countering with a clothesline of her own. She looks at Mickie James in desperation, jumping in her direction and flailing for the tag. Her hand just touches Mickie's and Mickie is straight into the ring, laying Gail Kim out with a facebuster. She sets Gail up for an elbow drop when AJ Lee decides to get involved, lashing out at Mickie's leg and knocking her down. AJ goes to work on Mickie's leg, kicking it and trying to damage it. Gail Kim is up and going for AJ, but as she clotheslines AJ over the top rope AJ manages to tag out to Paige. Nobody realises but the referee and as Paige gets into the ring, she goes straight to Mickie James and hits her with the Knight Light, pinning her and getting the three count.

Winners: AJ Lee and Paige (New Champions)

Paige rolls Mickie out of the ring as referee Scott Armstrong hands her her title. AJ joins her in the ring moments after downing Gail Kim with the April Showers. The two celebrate in the ring with their new titles as the crowd go crazy, and Maria and Mickie glare at them from the ramp during their retreat backstage.


Warren Michaels: A great display from our new champions AJ Lee and Paige, they deserved the victory.


Jim Ross: They sure did, but Mickie James and Maria Kanellis didn't look too happy about it at all!

The camera switches backstage, Shane McMahon is seen walking backstage and the crowd pop, as he's whistling to himself as he strolls through the Philips Arena. Eric Bischoff appears, causing the cheers to turn into boos, and Shane stops whistling.


Shane McMahon: Eric, just who I was coming to find. Look, I'm sorry about earlier, but you shouldn't have done that out there. If you were confused by our agreement you should have just told me about that in private.


Eric Bischoff: Oh that little incident earlier? Don't worry about that at all Shane. I was actually coming to find you too, there's some um... People, I'd like you too meet.


Shane looks confused for a second, when Charlie Haas and Justin Credible appear out of nowhere and begin assaulting him with a microphone and a steel chair. They throw him against the wall and he falls to the ground, when both Haas and Credible grab one of Shane's arms each. Bischoff walks up to Shane and slaps him.


Eric Bischoff: You might think that you own WCW, Shane. But you don't, and I don't care how I have to go about it but I'm going to drill that into your thick skull... You've just been Authority Checked.


Bischoff walks off with Charlie Haas close behind, leaving Justin Credible with Shane. Credible superkicks Shane, knocking him to the floor and leaving him motionless. Jim Ross and Warren Michaels begin speaking from the announce table. The scene fades to black as paramedics rush to Shane's aid.


Jim Ross: What a sickening attack on Shane McMahon! Eric Bischoff and his gang of thugs just ambushing Shane by surprise there after Shane tried apologising!


Warren Michaels – I agree Jim, and what did Bischoff mean by “Authority Checked”?. After the break Austin Aries takes on Vampiro in a Hardcore Match and after that, the main event, a triple threat match for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship! Don't go anywhere!


~ commercial ~

Slow, creepy carnival music begins playing over the PA and a video begins playing on the titantron screen. A dark, decrepit carnival is shown, with moss growing on the attractions and the rides looking run down and malfunctional. Out of nowhere, a figure appears stood behind a cotton candy stall, before vanishing just as quickly as appearing. Maniacal cackling is heard, seemingly from the distant. A voice speaks, “They're almost here” in a sing-song like manner as the video ends, showing one final shot of the cotton candy stall, a ferris wheel with a figure riding it in the background.


Jim Ross: Well that sure was... Creepy. Welcome back to WCW Thunder, just moments before the commercials Shane McMahon was ambushed by Eric Bischoff, Charlie Haas and Justin Credible backstage!


Warren Michaels: As they left Shane on the ground, Bischoff said something about 'Authority Check'? Anyway I told you that the incident at the beginning of the night wouldn't go without retaliation, Jim!


Jim Ross: You were right, Warren. Up next, Austin Aries takes on Vampiro in a match that was originally scheduled to be a singles match, but Aries has somehow managed to get that stipulation changed to a hardcore match!


The camera switches to Leigh Ann in the center of the ring.


Leigh Ann: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match up is scheduled for one fall, and is a hardcore match! Introducing first...

Match Three

Hardcore Match

Austin Aries v Vampiro

Austin Aries begins the match with a stiff chop to Vampiro, the crowd “wooing” as it connects. The trash can seen in Austin Aries' interview earlier accompanied him to the ring, and is used by Aries off of the top rope, denting over Vampiro's head. Aries is quick, dropping the trash can and running to the ropes, using the middle rope to hit Vampiro with a flying neckbreaker. He waits for Vampiro to get to his knees before laying him out again with a spin kick to the face. He goes to pick Vampiro up for a suplex, but Vampiro counters with a suplex of his own. He goes over and grabs the lid of the trash can, smacking Aries across the face when he tries to get up. He picks Aries up, drilling him into the canvas with a spinebuster. Picking him up again, he goes for a piledriver but it's reversed by Aries who counters with a backdrop. Aries hits a super frankensteiner on Vampiro, who is dazed as a result. He hooks the leg for a 2 count, picking Vampiro up straight away and setting him up on the top rope, planting his head into the canvas with a top rope DDT. He pins again, Vampiro again kicking out at the 2 count. He waits for Vampiro to stand and goes for a clothesline but Vampiro ducks, slamming Aries into the canvas with a clothesline of his own. He goes for a hammerlock but Aries reverses it, rolling to his feet and picking up a kendo stick. Vampiro approaches him and gets smacked across the face with the weapon, dazing him once more. Aries drops it, walking over to him and driving him into the ground with a Brainbuster. He covers for the 3 count, picking up the victory.

Winner – Austin Aries

The crowd go crazy as Aries celebrates his victory on the top rope, until like twice earlier tonight, the lights suddenly cut out. The creepy carnival music plays again over the PA, and when the lights come on three taller versions of the mini clowns that appeared in earlier on in the night are surrounding Austin Aries in the ring. The crowd start screaming, and Vampiro is nowhere to be seen. The music stops and the three monstrous, terrifying looking clowns begin decimating Aries in the ring.


Jim Ross: What are these things?! Do they have something to do with the video that played just before that match?!


Warren Michaels: I thought the smaller clowns were scary! These things are the creatures of nightmares!


The lights cut out once more, and when they come back on the ring is empty, save for a black clown nose and green, wiry clown hair.

The camera cuts backstage where Jeff Hardy is seen warming up before the main event match.


Warren Michaels: Jeff Hardy warming up backstage for his triple threat match against CM Punk and Rey Mysterio for the WCW Light Heavyweight Title, which is coming up next!


~ commercial ~

Jim Ross: Welcome back and thanks for joining us tonight ladies and gentlemen for the revival of WCW, and the first show of WCW Thunder for 2015. We've seen AJ Lee and Paige become WCW Women's Tag Team champions tonight, we've seen a recurring appearance of dark clowns and battles between Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff outside of the squared circle, but up next, the main event, a triple threat match between CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship!


Warren Michaels: I've been waiting for this match all night, Jim! I can't wait!


Leigh Ann: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a triple threat match for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first...


Main Event

WCW Light Heavyweight Title Match

No DQ Triple Threat Match

CM Punk v Jeff Hardy v Rey Mysterio

Mysterio is at Punk's leg, sweeping at it and taking him to the ground then going to work. Hardy has similar intentions, doing the same to Mysterio. He locks Mysterio in a hammerlock, which is broken by a kick to the face of Hardy from Punk. Punk hits a reverse DDT on Hardy, turning to Mysterio and driving him with a brainbuster. He hooks Mysterios leg, getting a 2 count. When he stands, he's immediately floored by a springboard dropkick from Hardy. Hardy runs for the corner, but is caught with a hurricanrana from Mysterio. He's straight back up but is hit with a tornado DDT by Mysterio, who hooks the leg but only gets the 2 count.


Mysterio rolls Hardy over, but Punk attacks Mysterio with a bulldog, planting his face down hard. Hardy rolls out of the ring under the ropes. Punk picks Mysterio up and irish whips him into the corner, running at him and nailing him with a shining wizard, following up with a bulldog. Hardy is climbing back into the ring near the ramp when out of nowhere he is clotheslined by Bill Goldberg. In the ring, Mysterio has gotten to his feet but is caught by Punk and raised up for the Go To Sleep. Just before Punk lets Mysterio drop, he is nearly broken in half with a Spear from Goldberg. Goldberg then drags Mysterio on top of Punk and the referee gives the 3 count.

Winner – Rey Mysterio (New Champion)

Rey Mysterio rolls off of CM Punk and referee Dan Engler hands him the WCW Light Heavyweight title. Goldberg helps him up, and raises his hand and the two celebrate.


Jim Ross: I can't believe that just happened! Goldberg with a deadly Spear on CM Punk, saving Mysterio from the Go To Sleep! That title should be CM Punk's! Punk should've won!


Warren Michaels: Goldberg destroyed Jeff Hardy, but I didn't think he'd Spear CM Punk! I thought he came out here to help Punk, not cost him the title!


Jim Ross: CM Punk is going to be after retribution on Nitro!


The show ends with Jeff Hardy motionless on the ramp and CM Punk broken inside the ring, as Rey Mysterio and Bill Goldberg celebrate in the center.




Quick Results


Lightning def. Thunder, Jeckles via pinfall

AJ Lee and Paige def. Maria Kanellis and Mickie James, Candice Michelle and Gail Kim via pinfall for the WCW Women's Tag Team Titles

Rey Mysterio def CM Punk, Jeff Hardy via pinfall for the WCW Light Heavyweight TItle






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