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Created Finisher Workshop

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If you have an idea for a created finisher that can't be created through normal means (the parts needed just can't be spliced together the right way), I might be able to solve your dilemma.


I have a very extensive list of front-grapple created finisher parts, which I use to build absolutely mind-blowing displays of raw power and violence.


Two finishers I have created this way are as follows:


Underhook Crucifix Powerbomb:


1. Powerbomb/Piledriver Clutch

2. Pedigree Clutch

3. Double-arm Shoulder Breaker Clutch

4. High-angle Powerbomb Impact*


Military-press Brainbuster DDT:


1. Lift Up Clutch

2. Old School DDT Impact*


*These animations need to be manually hex-edited in (they are not available if the preceding animations are used).


Mewtwo uses these two moves as his finishers, and he has named them The Mewtron Bomb and Chicxulub Impact, respectively.

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