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Burning Hammer No Longer the Deadliest Finisher!

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For years, most wrestling fans would usually rank two finishers above all others as "the most dangerous":


1. The Piledriver (and its variations)


2. The Burning Hammer.


The Burning Hammer is an INVERTED Death Valley Driver, where the opponent has very little control over how much impact they suffer to their head. All they can do is use their arms to help cushion the blow, and alleviate some of the impact to their head and spine.

The Thoughtcrime is even worse--it turns the already dangerous Burning Hammer, and somehow makes it even deadlier--in the original Burning Hammer, the recipient of the move had both arms to help slow his fall. In the Thoughtcrime, they only have the use of ONE arm for this purpose, due to the positioning of the attacker and opponent upon delivery of the move.


Here is the formula for the creation of this new "world's most dangerous finisher":


1. Argentine Clutch 01 125%

2. Reverse Attitude Adjustment Drop 125%

3. Suplex Impact 03, Mirrored, 125%*


*You will need to know three things: how to search for the location of created finishers in the game's memory (easy--just do a text search using the name of the chosen finisher), and where the values for the animations used in the finisher are located in its range of addresses.


The value you will need to replace is most likely the Reverse Attitude Adjustment Impact, which is 4D41. It will show up in the memory viewer as 414D (little-endian format--smallest byte first).


The replacement value (Suplex Impact 03) is 4CE2.


The last thing you will need to know to build the Thoughtcrime is how to mirror moves (horizontally flip them). Just add 80 to the large byte of any animation value (4CE2 becomes CCE2).

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My friend David made a Burning Hammer (name) that was pretty much all groin shots. He thought it meant the move was supposed to leave the opponent's hammer burning.

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