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30 more matches for 30 years of Wrestlemania

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Notes; You need seasson pass to download this. This 30 matches are not include in the game 30 years of wrestlemania mode. I use downloaded caws from CC.


Keyword for download... WRESTLEMANIA My PSN ID IS El_Bon316


The 30 matches


1. Hulk Hogan & Mr. T Vs Roddy Piper & Mr,Wonderful Paul Orndoff WM1

2. Special Battle Royal From WM2

3. Honky Tonk Man Vs Jake The Snake Robert WM3

4. Ric Rude Vs Jake The Snake WM4

5. IC Title Match Ultimate Warrior Vs Ric Rude WM5

6. Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase Vs Jake The Snake Robert WM6 Note; Win By Count Out i made count out just 5 second for this match

7. Retire Match Ultimate Warrior Vs Randy Savage WM7

8. IC Title Match Bret Hart Vs Roddy Pipper WM8

9. Lex Luger Vs MR.Perfecr Curt Henning WM9

10. Owen Hart Vs Bret Hart WM10

11. I Quit Match Bret Hart Vs Bob Backlund WM11

12. Ultimate Warrior Vs Triple H WM12

13. WWE Title Match Undertaker Vs Physcho Sid WM13

14. WWE Title Match Stone Cold Vs Shawn Michael WM14

15. Big Show Vs Manking WM15 Note; Lose by DQ

16. IC Title Match Kurt Angle Vs Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho WM16

17. ABA Undertaker Vs Triple H WM17

18. ABA Undertaker Vs Ric Flair WM 18

19. WWE Title Match Kurt Angle Vs Brock Lesnar WM19

20. WWE Title Match Kurt Angle Vs Eddie Guererro WM20

21. WHC Title Match Triple H Vs Shawn Michael Vs Chris Benoit WM20

22. WHC Title Match Triple H Vs Batista WM21

23. WHC Title Match Kurt Angle Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Randy Orton WM22

24. Kane Vs The Great Khali WM23

25. WHC Title Match Edge Vs Undertaker WM24

26. Money In The Bank Ladder Match WM25

27. Triple H Vs Sheamus WM26

28. CM Punk Vs Randy Orton WM27

29. WHC Title Match Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus WM28

30. The Shield Vs Randy Orton, Big Show, Sheamus WM29


Enjoy and Rate









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