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SvR 10 CAW RTWM Game Freeze Bypass Methods

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There are two glitch events in the CAW RTWM storyline. By this I mean places where the game will usually freeze if you don't take certain precautions/preventative measures. In the first instance, which involves you selecting a new finisher to replace your current first-slot finisher, simply replace your CAW's created finishers (if he uses any) with in-game moves. Also, I suggest selecting the Tiger Bomb 02 as your replacement finisher. It didn't cause any game-freeze issues for me.


In the second instance, where you are forced to wear an awful-looking Chicken suit during your Elimination Chamber IC title defense (yes, it IS in the PSP...turns out I was wrong on assuming there was no Chicken suit in the PSP version, and I thought that omission caused the glitch). In this case, simply replace your CAW's moveset with one of the preset ones (I used #02). I highly suggest you copy your CAW, thus preserving his moveset so you can restore it onto your RTWM-participating CAW, once the two glitch events are past. Alternatively, you can slap your CAW's moveset onto one of the Divas for future storage (the Diva, of course, can have her moveset restored once you're past the two glitches).


I'm currently on perhaps the funniest part of the RTWM storyline, where I get to tamper with Mr. McMahon's "Important Speech". I can draw red, blue or yellow squiggles on the screen or I can make Mr. McMahon's voice sound like he just inhaled a bunch of helium, or I can make it sound like he just swallowed a toad (really low-pitched). I believe you get three shots to mess with Mr. McMahon's speech, then he kicks over the podium and storms out of the ring, ostensibly to find whomever messed up his speech (you, the CAW).

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