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Just a quick question..

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Could somone please tell me the name of the scene in Story Designer where dude 1 is sitting in the crowd and punches dude 2 who's next to the announce table. Going crazy here, I just can't find it, haha.



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I thought that scene existed as well, but it might just be a cutscene in universe mode.

Nah it's in there. I used it in WWE '13 to simulate Adrian Adonis attacking Hogan during his SNME match against Mr Wonderful. Unfortunately I had deleted that entire story so I couldn't go back and find it that way.


i think its called guest attack in mid match or somewher around that section also it freezes on mine

I think 'Guest Attack' is a guy on guest commentary jumping into the the ring and spearing one of the wrestlers while the other is leaning on the ropes.


Thanks anyway guys. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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