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Neutralizer (Antonio Cesaro's finisher)

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This is the closest I could get to the Neutralizer, hope you guys like it.


1st move: Gut Kick (speed 100%) [flip it horizontally]

2nd move: Piledriver Clutch 01 (speed 100%)

3rd move: Any taunt, any speed (I prefer Destroy Taunt, speed 100%)

4th move: Lift Piledriver Clutch 01 (speed 100%)

5th move: Cradle Knee Piledriver Clutch (speed 100%)

6th move: Cradle Face Piledriver Impact (speed 100%)


Finish, and then name it "Neutralizer"


edit: damnit, this was supposed to go under SvR2009 CAF. cam one of the mods move this please?

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