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mortal kombat finishers

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this what i think the mk charecters should have for thier finishers if you have any ideas please post them here teh finishers is based on the fatalitys

sonya blade

hurracarana : she used this to kill kano in the first movie


choke and toss : heart rip


dragon hurracarana : triple neak snap


head squzze triple neak break

sub zero

any choke slam : spine rip

jhonny cage bearhug slam : torso rip

lui kang
combo : beat em to death ( not sure what one it is but it ends in with a spining heel kick )


theiz press : acid vomit


punch combo : sci stap


choke and toss : impale


press slam : tlikenetic slam ( use 3 times if you can )

iam not sure what elese as i said if you got any ideas please post em here

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