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Working on a Super Smash Brother Melee Save

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Note this is a preview for now, i only have a few of the characters 100% done, if you'd like to help with a few of them please let me know in this thread, by pm, or in one of my messengers, here we go

1. Dr.Mario

2. Mario

3. Luigi

4. Bowser

5. Princess Peach

6. Yoshi

7. Donkey Kong

8. Captain Falcon

9. Ganondorf

10. Falco

11. Fox

12. Ness

13. Ice Climber(Popo)

14. Ice Climber(Nana)

15. Kirby

16. Samus

17. Zelda

18. Shiek

19. Link

20. Young Link

21. Pichu

22. Pikachu

23. Jigglypuff

24. Mewtwo

25. Mr.Game and Watch

26. Marth

27. Roy

28. Giga Bowser(hell if we're having normal Bowser why not him)

29. Wario

30. Waluigi

Completed So Far - 5/30

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