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Guile (Street Fighter)

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Im Know as Jade Spawn in the Caws section of this website, and here is my Guile.


Name Guile
HUD Guile
Nickname Default
Placement None
Announcer Introduction The Corporal
Hometown Anywhere in the U.S.
Gender Male
Weight Class Super Heavyweight
Match Tactic Clean
Show Any
Voice Your Choice
Match specialty None


Head/Face Morphing

Head 40,3,26
Forehead -44,21,-4,10

Eyebrows -53,100,0,100
Eyes -11,0,25,19,12,10,0
Nose 19,23,0,8,9,13,0,29
Cheeks 17,9,15,4
Mouth 30,0,20,18,0,0,-48
Jaw 24,-10,0,19,-27,0
Ears 12,18,0,23
Skin Aging 0

Body Type -45

Advanced Options

Neck 23,9,11
Chest 22,29,11
Shoulder -43,100,45
Abdomen 18,28,14
Waist 22,19
Arms 46,100,74
Hands 9,23,7
Legs 21,32,29
Feet 17,21,23

Body Height 6'8


1.Body Skin 4/9 Now
2.Face Skin Tones 12/13
3.Eyes 2/8 Default
4.Eyebrows Default
5.Eyelashes Default
6.Lips 1/45 95,0,0
7.Teeth Default
8.Hair 27/50 83,23,-25,-72
9.Body Hair None
10.Underwear Default
11.Make Up 62/65 94,0,-10,100
12.Make Up 65/65 90,-1,0,25
13.Tights 1/20 Pattern 8/45 Color Default
14.Shoes 2/29 Stylize Seccond Largest Size 84,28,-44
15.Men's Clothes 18/31 40,73,64,100
16.Torso Accessories 1/11
17.Belts 3/29 -100,-100,-62,100
18.Left Arm Flag Design 1/12 2nd biggest V 2nd smallest h
19.Copy Layer Above Except Put it on the Right arm.
20.Torso Design 103/137 smallest v 2nd biggest h
Place on the belt so it looks like a buckle. Preset Black

A.I. Fighting Style
Crowd Signs are your Choice

Let me know what you think!

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