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stupid thq attacks again

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here's kabal (MK3 attire), he's the latest victim of thq's item removal spree, last year me and wlj used the christian weird googles and it looked kickass on kabal, but since those dumb *censored*s removed it I had to improvise and use something diferent, doesn't look as good but on the other hand the attire blows last year's one (which I didn't create in the first place) far away imo


one more thing I didn't like last year's hair one bit, but wlj liked it so we went with it, but this year we have the whole hair length glitch thingie, and I took advantage of it and changed the hair to one that suits him best imo, still, I'll leave the decision to the 2 or 3 users that will likely post in here

which hair do you prefer? (check the refs for honest answer) I prefer the first one myself...


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