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  1. Any Chance of making Will Ospreay Super J tournament edition? (Gold Attire)
  2. Any Chance of making Will Ospreay Super J tournament edition? (Gold Attire)
  3. yea I understand. A while back I had to delete my save file to deal with a championship entrance glitch around the time he took his Ospreay down. Ive been SOL since. will definitely be adding your scurll. your caws have been top notch
  4. How do I stop wrestlers from coming out with titles that aren't assigned to them in exhibition mode?
  5. So......... was that a no?? More like... "waiting for Defract's blessing before doing such a thing". I have his Osprey downloaded, but I never ever ever re-upload other people's creations without their say so. That's just how I roll. That makes perfect sense. I understand! Thanks for replying
  6. Could anyone re-upload Defract's Will Ospreay and Shibata since he had to take them down to make room please??
  7. Since you have 2 alex shelly is there any chance you could replace one with ospreay. I need him the most. I had hm but I had to delete my save data to take care of this pesky title entrance glitch thanks for replying (I was able to get Juice after I made you a favorite)
  8. i dont see your Juice Robinson, Shibata and worst of all Ospreay and I need those 3 to complete my Defract Collection!!! What happened.....is it just me???
  9. Sorry if there is already an existing thread... I am having an issue where both Sheamus and Jason Jordan are coming out with titles that werent assigned and/or won by either men. I have tried everything but they keep comin out with the Intercontinental title(s) (white version) Sheamus and (Black version) Jordan .....im not even kidding! Regardless is there anyway to stop them from coming out with the titles? its ruining the game for me.
  10. How are you going to do ECW and no Raven???? (great work on everything BTW)
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