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  1. Thanks but those are the general overalls, can you maybe give the complete attributes ?
  2. is there anyone that can help with these attributes ? Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated
  3. Is there anyone that can help with their attributes please
  4. Can someone please tell me what would be the correct attributes for Albert / A-Train, The Iron Sheik, Dean malenko and Bruno Sammartino. I have them diwnloaded but their Attributes are all in the low 70's so they got lost during upload
  5. And you cant even select souled out arena in universe mode another let down, really looking forward to his since we cant even use the original one
  6. The last 2 belts are not really ligned up, the red diamonds are out of place and not in their sockets, first one seem to be the best but also not perfect when it comes to all being alligned, great looking belts for sure
  7. Hope you do souled out too because you cant select it in universe mode
  8. Great to see you back, I always used your WCW arena's, so the stage is 1 big logo ?? So not the actual WCW lettering right because it aint available as prop from what I could tell. Kinda sad that it aint because that would make it better, in some arena's it destroys the realism if its 1 big logo no idea yet how it is in this one
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