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  1. diante616

    Texture Help

    Can someone please make this into a face texture for me?
  2. diante616


    Looks spot on as usual nice work!
  3. diante616


    Anyone have a good ted dibiase jr moveset i will give full credit
  4. Ted Dibiase JR uploaded to community creations search tags are ChicagoMade24 Did some tweaking will upload newer version soon
  5. Do you still have that ted dibiase jr texture from last year? Or possibly a big cass texture
  6. Is anybody else having problems with playing matches any match i try to play thwe entrances play, the bell rings, and then the game crashes no matter what match i try to play
  7. Awesome job on ec3 looks like an in game model! Can you do almas next? Need a logo friendly version
  8. I vote ec3 as well you good do andrade also since all your caws are logo friendly which is greatly appreciated!
  9. Err, I've never updated the faces yet. Lol fair enough.. seems I was the only one waiting for them. I was too but i figured he's a very busy person and would get to it eventually
  10. Does anyone have a texture for ariya daviari will give credit when uploaded.
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