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  1. El Dandy


    Yet another toxic online community chasing away one of the good ones. Good job trolls. Hope you crybabies are satisfied.
  2. El Dandy


    Any plans for an updated attire set for the King of Bros from his NXT TakeOver match that lasted all of three seconds?
  3. I wish there was a way to use all four attires assigned into one slot. Amazing work as always, can't wait to see what's coming up next. Perhaps the Hulkster?
  4. This will be a familiar transition to GTA players, and fans of Red Dead Redemption (as IGN also fears will get a similar treatment). Theyve done away with DLC, in favor of micro transactions instead. Sadly, theyve already said that GTA V will not be receiving any DLC, and look at how this year we are seeing the lowest amount of DLC content released for a WWE 2K game, while still charging $40 for less content. While it may be premature to jump to any conclusions, I would still approach the parent companies most recent strategies as trends that future releases may see.
  5. Saw this bullshit coming a while back. Look at other 2K games, like the NBA series, GTA, Evolve, etc. This was inevitable. They're just as bad as EA, and the customers are the ones who will suffer as a result. Hopefully their earnings reports will take a hit as well, if they do in fact go in that direction. If they limit the creation suite and unlockables behind a pay-wall, then they can get *censored*ed. One would hope they would be more sensible and relate a bit to the consumer, but the corporate execs sitting in board rooms are more concerned with their quarterly and annual earnings. Hope for the best, but expect the worst.
  6. Could be a licensing issue, given the fact that the WWE had to pay to use the rights to name an event after the Jerry Lee Lewis song.
  7. Seeing how many pages this thread has grown to, you start to wonder, was this game even tested? And how did it even pass standards?
  8. One of my favorite traditions of the WWE 2K games, downloading Bhangra Man's many iterations of Hulk Hogan.
  9. Great work as always. Are you going for a more modern or classic look for Billy Gunn? Hope there are more DX members in store!
  10. Thats what makes it so frustrating. Its like having a gorgeous car, but the insides are all busted up and needs repairs. It has sadly turned me off from playing the game any further, as I dread the possibility of having to start my Universe/Career from scratch due to these game crippling bugs.
  11. Your Jinder Mahal creation from 2K17 is infinitely better looking than the in-game model of him in 2k18.
  12. Look at the bright side of having fewer DLC content this year; we are blessed with tons of new bugs, and perhaps well see even more on the way with every DLC pack!
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