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  1. It's five in the morning, I'm half asleep, I read that as "hog anal ready." I was like... "There's Deliverance DLC for this thing!?"
  2. Since this year's game blows and a lot of us stuck with or returned to 2K19, can we get the 2K19 board put back on the 2KHub forum listing to drive up traffic? At least until they shut the servers down? I'd say it's kinda warranted this year.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1lFJHCFZ-U
  4. i mean. i think all 3 versions of him are in. As theres no reason to believe there isn't. We always get multiple hogan alts. And they dont really show alts before release. but also. U cant make a 1980s WWF Hogan using his 2002 black beard head it would be fine for making NWO hogan tho Why cant you? He looks the same with just a beard. Still has the mustache. 2002 Hogan looked nothing like 80's Hogan. Hell, 1993 Hogan looked nothing like 80's Hogan.
  5. They're gonna have to really hook me this year after not playing 2K19 much and them having huge discounts on the deluxe edition. With Retromania and Fire Pro DLC coming, I'll probably pass until Mania season. But then again, if they FINALLY include Hacksaw...
  6. 1.Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2.Camera options. 3.The speed of the entire roster reworked appropriately. 4.War Games. 5.The UK gals (Toni, Rhea, Jinny).
  7. You're right. He's not, as I said, he was promoted after moving over to Fear. He now oversees everything, and was instrumental in this soft reboot of the show which is likely a last ditch effort to see if it can manage to improve its dwindling ratings before they move on to one of the other projects he's teased. They have to strike while the iron is still warm as he's already ran off a good portion of the audience over the last couple seasons.
  8. He was for this period of the show we are watching now. He was promoted afterwards to his current position. While that is partly true, the showrunner guides the story, tells the writers where to take it, and approves their ideas.
  9. Gimple's the showrunner for this current season of Fear and showrunners dictate where the stories go. He was their Vince McMahon overseeing Creative. And as I explained, it was perceived to be his decision because the reasons why weren't clear at the time and probably still aren't for those that don't watch Talking Dead or didn't catch it because of the scheduling issue. Also, not liking something is not liking something, it's not being "negative." I think the show is mostly needlessly forced psycho-analyzation of writing that usually doesn't warrant it. You don't have to agree with that, and I'm not here to change your mind.
  10. He was an executive producer, not a writer. I'm bored of this misconception. Scott was a writer and eventually showrunner of TWD before moving over to Fear briefly this season and is now the chief content officer of the entire franchise which is the equivalent Kevin Feige and the MCU. He is and was very much in control of where things have went, and deserves the reputation he's received. Executive Producers are much more hands on in television than they are in film. Had AMC not scheduled Talking Dead an hour after Fear ended last night it probably would've saved him some heat on Twitter....assuming folks still watch that dreadful show.
  11. Scott Gimple's insane or got huge f'n balls, "WTF" indeed.
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