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  1. Bulldog by Nomodder, pt's by cz1280 and manbrodudecruz, moves by righteous one (?) sorry for pics - they cheapen the caw. Pretty happy with it. Leave feedback please... forgot to finish up hart foundation vest/jacket so v2 will have that done. Enjoy... again, it looks better than these pics... tags: nomod bulldog ritty
  2. Nice work - not a fan of the roster, but nice work. Can you pm me with info on how to replace renders..? Thanks.
  3. wwe2k14 is the last game I'll ever buy from them so I could care less..unless they let us import the roster in the new game that's it for me lol
  4. Alot of caws, when I delete one of their alt outfits - the game freezes, causing me to reset and then lose that caws save data. F'n annoying - anyone else have this trouble?
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