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Arcade Escobar

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  • Birthday 02/13/1989

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    Katsuhiko Nakajima
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    XBOX 360, PS2, PSP, PS3
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    ROH, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Dragon Gate
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    Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Martin, My Wife & Kids
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    Arcade Escobar
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    North Carolina
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    Basketball, Anime, Japan
  1. Arcade Escobar


    stand back theres a hurricane come thru!! awesome work so far on him. any chance you do D.I.Y in the future ?
  2. Uploaded he has his sig and finishers Hashtags:ROH, RTW, Arcadeescobar
  3. All I got left is his tattoos and move set and he'll be up
  4. My bad i haven't been on wwe as of late but today i been working on him and redone the face keep in mind i haven't touch the face yet but this is an update along with the 2nd attire i working on. i got it from this match against his C&C tag team partner on youtube. The Match i got the attire https://youtu.be/7hoSeXQBgM8
  5. I'll have a update hopefully Sunday night thanks for the feedback.
  6. This is just an work in progress. Any feedback would be very helpful
  7. Anybody has or is working on Cedric Alexander on the PS4 side?
  8. UPDATE All but the kickpads are done. Any Comments are welcome
  9. I haven't post anything on this side in a long time. I just doing a work in progress.
  10. Any updates on Konley ? definitely hope he up soon? I wouldn't mind having 1/2 of the Premier Athlete Brand on my roster
  11. Can't wait for Konley man nice work!! any idea for his second attire ?
  12. That Caleb Konley looks great, any chance he's going to be up soon ?
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