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  1. I'm sticking with 14 for awhile prob. Cred to Shattered and Rokaditz for morph based from their wwe 13 zema ion caw, some logos i edited but credit for the bases goes to stoney240. I've been messing with DJ Z lately, but I have to add the tats before it's final still. Here's a preview: If anybody can help with logos or textures, or even just refs for the tats, it would be greatly appreciated....
  2. Uploaded Sanada again with two new attires (Wrestle-1 and The Great Sanada)...if you dl the default moveset one you can dl the tweaked version of his moveset seperately from my content.... *Great Muta in the pics is by Petchy
  3. Thanks. As for the movesets, I didn't really know what else to do. Maybe if I reupload them or something?
  4. Sonjay Dutt preview. Any attire suggestions? Only done one so far... <a href="http://s1198.photobucket.com/user/doomslayer84/media/20140806_142603_zpsbiybkwax.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1198.photobucket.com/albums/aa456/doomslayer84/20140806_142603_zpsbiybkwax.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20140806_142603_zpsbiybkwax.jpg"/></a>
  5. I don't know lol, I checked the set and it seems fine to me. I had to dl the same set after I uploaded him again, but it worked fine.
  6. He shouldnt, I customized the whole set. He should have a CAF Sabretooth Splash and the 450 for finishers, and the Osaka Street Cutter and a CAF Rana Bomb Facebuster for the other Sig. The only stuff I forgot to change was his tag team and ladder/rumble moves. I'll check it out though. You dl'd the moves seperate right? Just making sure lol...
  7. Ok both are back up on CC with no moves. Go to my content and dl the moves seperately. Somebody let me know if they work now please. Thanks. Same tags, TNA or DRP
  8. Ok cool lol. They will be up with no dlc movesets in a few hours. I will post when they are reupped. As for the movesets, I will upload seperately but they do have dlc moves as I like them to be as accurate as possible. If anybody wants movesets without dlc cause they dont have Season Pass, just let me know. Thanks Roka
  9. So, I should delete the dlc moveset or do I have to remake them on my alt acct? That would suck doing everything over again lol
  10. Thanks guys. Tigre Uno is up on CC with moveset. Let me know if you get the glitch, I'll reup non dlc version. Tags are TNA or DRP. @solidsaintxxx, sorry I just finished the blue one right before I saw your comment. Could always still do yellow at some point if you want me to.
  11. I also fixed the wrist logo on Sanada as I noticed it's only supposed to be 2 not 3 star-like designs lol
  12. Here's a preview of Tigre Uno...many thanks to solidsaintxxx for uploading the textures for the tats mask and green tights logo. Tell me if you'd prefer blue or yellow split like the green attire for the last slot. [/url[[url=http://s1198.photobucket.com/user/doomslayer84/media/20140728_041315_zpsw4vipx3w.jpg.html]
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