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  1. 3 hours ago, PaperThinWalls said:

    So they’re sadistic assholes then? They took their sweet ass time, so the baddies can get a few licks in on Matt? This justification is worse for me. lol See, if that’s the case, — if they’re recognizing their past with Matt, then I much rather see them being conflicted about making the save. Show the urgency. Show the hesitation. Show them briefly agonizing if they should save this prick. Then have their hearts given — cause damnit, it’s the right thing to do! And boom, run straight at the heels and kick ass!

    But nope, we got none of that. We got Sting and Darby slowing walking out to Darby’s music while they brood. Wow… exciting… 😐

    I mean yes, Sting and Darby are sadistic assholes lmao. Sting once sent a group of people that looked like him to get their ass beat by the NWO while he casually walked in to catch them by surprise.


    I mean, I can understand your complaints to an extent, but the idea that Sting and Darby would  stand on the ramp visibly agonizing over saving somebody they don’t even like just doesn’t fit their characters at all. At the end of the day they feel obligated to do what’s right- and Darby has personal reasons to hate Andrade- but they aren’t going to feel emotionally torn over saving Matt Hardy, not at this point. Save a conflicted moment like that for characters it would actually align with. 

    I do agree the whole thing felt a little off. I feel like it would have been better to have Jeff come out first and then have Sting and Darby run out with some urgency, looking after Jeff rather than Matt.

  2. 2 hours ago, EJ! said:

    usually i would agree but this is different. Owens has been building this by himself for weeks and the result is getting Stone Cold Steve Austin, top 5 biggest household name in all of wrestling, to not only cut a promo on him but he’s talking about coming out of retirement after 19 years specifically to kick KO’s ass at Wrestlemania. the segment is going down in history and Owens is on the other side of it. bet money a lot of people would kill to be in Owens’ spot right now.

    I second this. None of my friends are wrestling fans (some used to be), but so many of them have been texting me about Stone Cold the past couple of days, even one that’s never watched wrestling. Most have been asking about KO and what his deal is and it’s just honestly been cool to see them getting invested out of nowhere 

  3. 1 hour ago, Counting Lights said:

    Chavo said something on twitter that got him a lot of hate. Can't remember what it was, but he was off TV pretty soon after.

    I remember him making a dumb comment after Seth Rollins was attacked by that fan, which got a lot of hate. That might be what you’re thinking of, but I don’t think they would fire him over that 

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