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  1. Hey man, wondering if you got plans for '15. I'm still up in the air whether to upgrade to current gen x1 or ps4, and where you go may make up my mind. Always love your works. You staying with the 360 next year, x1 or ps4?
  2. Sweet! Really looking forward to downloading L.A. Park. I was wanting to offer help with his set but I've been really busy with work lately that I haven't had much time. Can't wait. Looks great bud.
  3. For mask designs i like the one you previewed best. The colors you chose last year were cool. A white with red and green does seem like a signature look of his. I always liked his black and blue ones too. He's got so many good ones. I like your taste in outfits man...i personally will be stoked with whatever you whip out.
  4. Shoot. Just noticed I can't have dragon screw as sig. My bags. Sit out powerbomb and spike ddt it is. The shinning wizard that looks like a enziguri will be a reg ground grapple. Cool news about Tiger.
  5. I think this year i'm gonna go with dragon screw and spike ddt as sigs. Though hangman ddt will still be in there and a few dragon screws will be in reg set as a kick reversal and probably one limb target. Please feel free to change around anything if u wanna make it closer to last years.
  6. Right on man, really cool. I actually just converted last years set to this game so all good, big thanks tho. I gotta step out for most of the night, but when I get home I'm gonna tweak it up a little. I think I can make it a lot better, with some new moves from this game, and as I'm out imma try I watch as much currentish shtuff as I can. Big fan of his and yours, I feel like I gotta do you both justice and it make it as solid as I can. Good timing coz I gotta few days off of work to camp on it. Super stoked. Gonna have a few good new additions. Nice to have a cradle ddt. The koji clutch kinda resembles the wagner knot too. Add some older classics i may have overlooked at the time. Good fun.
  7. Yes sir! Awesomeness. So stoked. Will get back to you within a day or two with moves and entrance. This made my day. Shweet.
  8. Really excited for Averno. Used him plenty in '12. I think he's looking dope. Really like the shirts too
  9. Big fan of Marufuji also. Hair choices do suck for him. From what u got, I guess I like 1 best. Your works are looking good, excited to see how he turns out. Coolness.
  10. Nice. I always was a bigger fan of heel Page. I agree, love that singlet attire.
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