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  1. Yeah, the logo stuff seems like the big one to patch; I would think. They built a lot of their advertising around creation and player freedom.
  2. Any chance of a Masato Tanaka counterpart for Mike Awesome?
  3. How do I select an alternate attire for an existing WWE Superstar to edit? The game seems to only allow me to select the default appearance. I wanna work on Hollywood Rock and there doesn't seem to be a way. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  4. Ewing

    Moveset Problems?

    Thanks. What about the seated corner moves?
  5. Ewing

    Moveset Problems?

    Hey, some of you might remember from past WWE games, I made a shitload of movesets for one of them and then petered out. Anyway, I took last year's edition of 2K off and I'm a bit confused about the absence of some move categories in this edition. 1. What happened to rear grapple submissions? Can the Cobra Clutch only exist as a signature/finisher now? 2. What happened to seated corner grapples? It's been entirely nerfed except for three moves. Are Mudhole Stomps and the Coast-to-Coast only available as signatures/finishers?
  6. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to delete a design after I've added it to the "trunks and underwear" layer. They're not selectable in the "remove parts" section and there's no option to delete them in the "edit parts" section. How the hell do I get rid of them?
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